February 5, 2013

Half Fanatics Club!

Reading about this group online was very scary to us less than a year ago.  We scheduled just a few longer races each year, and those had a few months in between each one.  This year, we have jumped on the frequent racer bandwagon and registered for 3 half marathons in less than 90 days.  Guess what?  That qualifies us for the group called Half Fanatics!


This is a club for those addicted to running, and more specifically to running loads of half marathons!  We will officially join this club on March 17th.  Here is our race lineup for 2013...at least so far!

January:    Donald Half Marathon for Christine
                  Goofy Challenge (Donald Half and Mickey Full for Pam)

February:  Princess Half Marathon for Christine and Pam

March:      Shamrock Half Marathon for Christine
                  Quintiles Half Marathon for Pam        

We have more races on our calendars, but this group above will allow us to join the group of crazy runners who compete frequently, have their computers locked into race calendars, always searching for the next one! Are you a Half Fanatic?  Tell us what races you have on your calender this year.



  1. How exciting! Half Fanatics always look like they are having so much fun at races! Congrats!! :0)

  2. Welcome to the Fanatic craziness! I'll be at level 2 after April!

  3. Wow this made me realize that I am practically a half fanatic at this point! Hmmmm....

  4. Congratulations to you both! You certainly have been Half Fanatics in your hearts for a long while now! :c)
    Seems like a Great Group to belong too! How fun!

  5. Super cool! I think I have qualified before too, but never actually did anything about it. Maybe someday I will.

  6. Question: how does the application process work? I realized that in November I will also be a half fanatic and while I want it to be official, I don't want to pay for membership... (my bank account is already annoyed with my race habit).

    1. Elizabeth, This is group that you have to pay for and the benefits are bragging rights! I understand the bank account issue! LOL