February 16, 2013

Preparing for Race Day

Your first race can be daunting for a gazillion different reasons.  As you know, our first big race (half marathon) was the 2011 Princess Half Marathon.  We made all of the rookie mistakes - wearing new duds on race day, new food on race day, etc.  And while we made it through the race (mostly) successfully, we wanted to impart a little wisdom for first timers and those getting ready for a race who may need a gentle reminder!

1. Nothing new.  Simple - don't do anything on race day that you haven't done in your training.  That means no new food, no new gear, no new strategies, etc.  If you did run:walk in training, do it in the race.  If you fueled with a bagel and cream cheese in training, do it before the race.  You don't want to try something new only to learn that it chafes, upsets your stomach or throws you off your A-game.

2. Rest up.  It's probably obvious, but spend time a week or two before the race getting to bed early.  Your body will thank you come race day.

3. Eat well.  Just like getting enough rest, you need to fuel correctly, and not just on race day.  I focus on quality fuel - carbohydrates and lean protein.  I slowly reduce fruit and vegetable intake as race day gets closer. 

4. Have a race plan.  Regardless of whether its your first or four hundredth half marathon, you need a race plan.  Everyone has a ballpark estimate of their pace.  Stick to that pace.  Don't let the hype of race day make you sprint the first 2 miles. 

5. Hydrate.  And then hydrate some more.  Get good at carrying a water bottle.  Take note that caffeine and alcohol dehydrate you so try to avoid those until after your post-race celebration.

6. Have a mantra.  I see lots of blogs and websites talking about a mantra.  This may be a few words you routinely think during training or something that has meaning to you.  To be honest, I don't have one specific mantra.  I have been known to yell at myself and say things like "you got this" or "let's do this."  Whatever gets you going, use it on race day.
7. Trust your training.  You trained for a long time to prepare for this race.  Own that.  You traded runs for sleeping in, time with girlfriends, time on the couch...you got this!

Above all else, have fun on your day!

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Happy weekend,


  1. # 7 is my best piece of advice! :D

  2. All great tips! #7 is the one that I always struggle with.

    1. I agree Tasha.....confidence, from good training is probably the hardest thing for all of us.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed the list.

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