February 17, 2013

Weekly Roundup - Feb 17

This was a difficult week of exercise for Pam, while Christine had a great long run as well as difficult Tabatha class and additional gym work.  While on vacation in Africa, our lodges were without fences, so with wild animals around, there was no opportunity for running.  The option was to use anything around while in our room, so I improvised and got in a few minor workouts! Our adventure ended on Wednesday with a last game drive at the Ngorongoro Crater.  This sleeping female lion was the last wildlife we encountered on our amazing vacation.

Sunday, Feb 10th
Christine: 30 minutes stationary bike, arm weights, stretching
Pam:  treadmill run 5 miles

Monday, Feb 11th
Christine: Rest
Pam:  plank, legwork, 75 burpees, running intervals, stretch cords

Tuesday, Feb 12th
Christine: Rest
Pam:  legwork, stretching

Wednesday, Feb 13th
Christine: 2.5 mi treadmill run, 15 min elliptical, stretching
Pam:  legwork, stretching, plank

Thursday, Feb 14th
Christine: Tabata class
Pam:  rest

Friday, Feb 15th
Christine: 30 min stationary bike, upper body weights
Pam:  walk 2 miles

Saturday, Feb 16th
Christine: outdoor run 10.07 miles
Pam: run 4.5 miles

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