February 24, 2013

Weekly Roundup - Feb 24th

This was a strange week for both of us with the Princess Half today!  Christine didn't cut back mileage very much coming in to this race and Pam was getting back in the groove of exercising back in NC.  We're so happy to be down in Disney and even more excited to be at the starting line for our third Princess Half Marathon this morning.

Sunday, Feb 17th
Christine: 30 minutes yoga, foam rolling
Pam: Gym time - 15 minutes eliptical, 30 minutes weight machines/free weights, stretching, Bosu ball

Monday, Feb 18th
Christine: 35 minutes stationary bike, stretching
Pam: Run 4.5 miles outside

Tuesday, Feb 19th
Christine: 3mi treadmill run (28 min)
Pam:  Bike 25 minutes, weights and machines 20 minutes, stretching, Bosu ball

Wednesday, Feb 20th
Christine: Rest
Pam: Run 3 miles tempo run

Thursday, Feb 21st
Christine: Rest (Travel to WDW)
Pam:  Rest (Travel to WDW)

Friday, Feb 22nd
Christine:  Meetup running 2.8 mi
Pam:  Meetup running 2.8 mi

Saturday, Feb 23rd
Christine:  Royal family 5k
Pam: Royal Family 5k

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