February 3, 2013

Weekly Roundup - Feb 3rd

This was an interesting week for us.  Christine continued her normal training routine with the exception of an extra rest day due to a VERY long few days at the office...it was a necessity for mind and body!  While Pam continued to enjoy her African vacation, complete with running and hiking!
Afternoon feeding
Sunday, Jan 27th
Christine: Rest
Pam: 40 min run

Monday, Jan 28th
Christine: Speed work on treadmill (2x1600, 60 RI; 2x800, 60 RI)
Pam: Rest

Tuesday, Jan 29th
Christine: Rest
Pam: Hike with golden monkeys, plank

Wednesday, Jan 30th
Christine: 4 mi treadmill run
Pam: Hiking 1 hour 15 minutes, plank

Thursday, Jan 31st
Christine: 35 min tabata class
Pam: Hiking 2 1/2 hours

Friday, Feb 1st
Christine: Stretching
Pam: 5 mi run on treadmill

Saturday, Feb 2nd
Christine: 9.1 mi run through neighborhood at 9:57 pace (fastest ever!!)
Pam: Plank, abs, leg work

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  1. I absolutely adore Giraffes! I remember feeding them leaves at the zoo as a little girl...those long necks and long tongue too! :c) lol
    How is the weather there? Looks so pretty....

    Great work out week for the two of you. Pam...lots of hikes...so special...and Christine, I'm so impressed with your 9 mile run and FAST pace!!! Congrats on that!! :c)

  2. I saw that LR PR nicely done, great week ladies!