March 16, 2013

Quintiles Half Marathon in Wilmington!

Christine and Pam both have races on Sunday, St. Patrick's Day.  Christine is running the Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach and Pam is running the Quintiles Half Marathon in Wilmington, NC.  We are both very excited about these races and hopefully we will have wonderful weather conditions to make race day a good one.  I attended the small Expo yesterday afternoon for my race in Wilmington and was surprised to see they had green carpet laid out for us!  Perfect for a St. Patty's Day race!

Expo Entrance!

First I found my number and then picked up my bib.  Next up was the race shirt counter and last of all getting my wrist bracelet so I can have a beer after the race! Funny story, they actually asked this old lady runner for ID...loved that!   The race shirt is not a tech fabric shirt but a very soft cotton.  The design is cute too, so I will probably wear this Sunday afternoon after the race.  I love that the bib is a small one!   Being a height challenged girl, it will fit nicely on my race day shirt.  Now it is time to get my race day outfit ready!

Good Luck to all of you racing this weekend!

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