March 26, 2013

Training Tuesday: How to Train with lots of races on the calendar!

Since we started running several years ago, neither Christine or I have scheduled many races on our calendars.  This year we have both registered for a half marathon in each of the first four months of the year.  Christine also has a race booked in June.  Throw in a marathon (Goofy Challenge) on top of that and it is tons of miles!  How do you race that many half marathons so close together?

This is precisely something we have been debating for a while now.  We had a definite plan for our January WDW Marathon weekend races.  Christine was eager to run a PR in the Donald Half (which she did) and Pam was hopeful to finish the Goofy Challenge, which included her first marathon.  With hard training and planning we both reached our goals despite hotter than normal race conditions.

Resuming training was not easy and Pam was gone for three weeks on vacation where running was not an option most of the time.  As you know by now, our March races were huge, particularly for Christine.  Since she was focusing on a PR attempt at Shamrock, she did not taper at all for the Princess Half.  While that race was not our best time, we completed it and certainly enjoyed running through Magic Kingdom, dressing up and seeing many running friends.

As we move forward into the year, we both have local races this spring that should give us the opportunity to achieve good times, if not PR's if the conditions are good on race day.  Heck, we already both hit PRs last weekend, so we are happy!  One thing we have learned, despite great training, hydrating and eating well, you cannot control race day conditions.  Certain temperatures make it impossible to achieve a best time and you cannot be disappointed because of that.

Training for lots of distance races also comes with challenges.  You cannot expect to achieve PR's each time you race if you race often.  It is important to designate certain races as A races and others as B or C races, more as training runs or fun races! I heard lots of speedy runners at the Princess Half Marathon say that they were using the race as a training run for the Boston Marathon.  That made sense to me.  The Boston Marathon is a major race, with difficult qualifying standards and to taper 6-7 weeks earlier for Princess would impede your ability to run as well at the Boston race.

This is a learning process for Christine and I. We will post about our race experiences and the frequency of races.  If you have any great tips on how to prepare for races that are close together we would love to hear from you!


  1. Love your tips for a busy racing schedule! I've been trying to do the same thing and designating which races are PR attempts and which are "bucket list" races. Especially at the Disney races I really want to enjoy the event and the atmosphere and be comfortable stopping to take pictures without worrying about my time!

    1. It's tough to not try to PR at every race...but sometimes you have to admit that the race will be slow and for fun. :)