March 7, 2013

UPS Surprise from Cascadian Farm!

Just before I left for Disney, a large package was sitting on our doorstep addressed to me/We Run Disney from Cascadian Farm.  Because I was already packed and ready to head to Orlando the next morning, I decided to look quickly inside and then put the box aside for further enjoyment when I returned home.

Our surprise box!
The box was packaged beautifully and the contents include some really fun new things for us to try!  Included are:

*  Lifefactory Premium Reusable glass Bottle
*  People Towels, B.Y.O towels to save trees
*  Laptop Lunches Bento Ware with user guide to making lunches
*  Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid in Lemongrass & Clementine Zest
*  Neutrogena Naturals Acne Cream Cleanser
*  Large tote bag from Cascadian Farm
*  2 cotton tee shirts from Cascadian Farm, in our sizes!
*  Cascadian Farm granola bars, 1 box oat & honey and 1 box peanut butter
*  Invitation to join emeals, with a year free subscription.

Soft cotton tee and I love the color!
It will be fun trying out the new products.  Christine takes her lunch to work, so the new lunch container from Laptop Lunches will be great for her.  I have already tried out the dish detergent and love the smell.  Also, the granola bars are my favorite, especially the oats and honey flavor.


Disclaimer:  We received no compensation for the information provided in this post.  All opinions are our own.


  1. What a fun surprise!! Can't wait to hear about it! :0)

    1. It is fun getting packages right? I saw you got two boxes this week!

  2. How fun! That looks awesome!!

    1. Thanks Carla. I had one of the granola bars them and no artificial ingredient!

  3. Oh I love getting happy mail like that!!!

  4. Replies
    1. Agree Kat! Nothing like a fun box of awesome goodies!