March 10, 2013

Weekly Roundup - March 10th

This has been a difficult week for us. Christine has been taking care of everything with the blog and facebook page while I have been away dealing with a sick relative. My input has been minuscule, due to computer issues. Training has been my break and a wonderful gym at the "independent living facility" where I have been staying has been fantastic for stress release. Plus, it is wonderful to have lots of old people comment on how great you are running, etc! Definitely a confidence booster! :)

So, here is a recap of what we did over the past week. We both are in the final stages of preparation for races next Sunday, also Saint Patrick's Day.

 Sunday, Mar 3rd
Christine: 2 mile walk; lower body workout; ab work
Pam: 30 minute stationary bike, 750 meters rowing, stretching, Bosu ball

Monday, Mar 4th
Christine: Speed work - 2x1200, 4x800
Pam: Speed work- 2x800, 4x400
**Funny how Monday ended up being speed work for both of us, huh?!

Tuesday, Mar 5th
Christine: Rest
Pam: 30 minute bike, 750 meters rowing, stretching

Wednesday, Mar 6th
Christine: 2.4 mi run (tempo run cut short with knee pain); 20 min elliptical trainer
Pam: 3 mile tempo run

Thursday, Mar 7th
Christine: Tabata class, Foam rolling
Pam:  25 minutes stationary bike, 1250 meters rowing, stretching, Bosu ball

Friday, Mar 8th
Christine: Rest
Pam:1 hour walk in the snow, plus made the Mickey snow head!

Saturday, Mar 9th
Christine: 5.16 mi easy run at #VaisforrunDisneyLovers meetup
Pam: 6 mi treadmill run

How was you week?


  1. Good work outs for you both. Love the Mickey snowhead!

  2. You ladies continue to kick major butt! Even in that dreaded snow! Sand is way funner! ;)

  3. Pam, I am so sorry to hear that you are dealing with a sick relative. Praying for strength for all involved!

    Great job on the workouts ladies! I can't wait to catch up with you two again - we need to plan a racecation!

  4. Cute snowman! Sorry you guys have been so busy. Hope everything is ok with your family member, Pam!

  5. Great job on the workout ladies! Pam, sorry for all that you're going through right now.. Not fun :(
    Love the snowman :)