March 27, 2013

Why Paris?

We write about Paris. A lot.  And many of you are probably intrigued by our obsession, if not confused by it.  We've had the opportunity to spend a bit of time in Europe and Pam, much more, having lived there for 5 years.  Paris is my favorite place (at least that I've been so far).  It just has an energy and vibe that I really enjoy.  It's laid back, but formal.  It has wonderful depth in culture...and food.  The Parisians live a much more balanced life.  It's simply beautiful.

There are amazing parks and gardens everywhere!
Small gated garden on the west side of the city

Gardens at Versailles

Garden in central Paris near Embassy district
The Sunday markets at the Bastille are incredible!  Produce, bread, meat, seafood, dairy galore!  Plus made to order crepes...yum!

There's lots of gold!

Cool statues all over the city

Mini macarons...come to mama!

If you ever go to Paris, you MUST visit Angelina's and have macarons and hot chocolate!
Mille feuille and Foret Noire

Where else can you drink wine at lunch and it's cheaper than water?!

Cute little restaurants
Chez Andre, a FABULOUS traditional French Bistro in the 12th Arrondissement
A cute neighborhood Italian restaurant
You can spend all day admiring pretty things...
Monet's Waterlilies at the Orangerie

On the banks of the Seine

Les Invalides in the background of the Rodin Museum

Sacre Coeur

Yup, you could say I'm smitten!


  1. I'm right there with you guys....Smitten too!
    I have been there twice as a tourist....and am Hopeful that I will be going again NEXT YEAR! :c)
    Great pics Christine!

  2. Beautiful! Looks absolutely beautiful! I definitely want to visit one day! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

    1. You will love it Karen. Your travel posts are so enthusiastic I can just see you taking loads of photos!

  3. I am totally with you! I am 100% smitten with Paris!!! I LOVE IT! I would go back in a heartbeat.

    1. Yay Sarah! Someone else ready to sign up for DL Paris Half Marathon. Are you reading this runDisney?

  4. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing your fabulous adventure!

    1. Monica, I hope you will be joining us for a Paris DL Paris!

  5. It's funny-the two times I have been in Paris have been less than idea. Once in June when they experienced a crazy heat wave. The second time in the month of October when it was super cold and rainy. I enjoyed it, but the way you feel about Paris is how I feel about London! However I am thinking about Paris if Disney really holds a runDisney event in Disneyland Paris!

    1. Having lived in England for nearly 5 years, I spent many weekends in London and a fair few in Paris. Both are wonderful cities but very different. We are ready to register as soon as runDisney announces a DL Paris Half marathon!