April 29, 2013

Dirty Girl Mud Run Race Recap

Our Dirty Girl Mud Run race experience started with some outfit selections.  Lacking time or any true creative energy, I turned to Walmart for inspiration and thankfully they didn't disappoint.  They have an unbelievable selection of graphic tees and with my race buddy, Heather's approval, settled on Ron Burgandy 'Stay Classy' tshirts.  I also grabbed coordinated shorts but we didn't end up wearing these and instead stuck with gray compression pants.  Heather had the good idea to get cheap sunglasses in an attempt to keep mud out of our eyes (more on that later).

Ready to rock in my 'stay classy' attire, I headed out to pick Heather up in Virginia Beach.  She changed into her duds and we snapped a few photos before we headed out to the Pungo area of Virginia Beach, where the race was held.  We were about 3 miles from the race and traffic abruptly stopped.  Now for those who aren't familiar with the area, Pungo is farm and horse country...it's not exactly the type of place where you expect traffic.  I assumed there was a short traffic light or something like that.  Nope, turns out it was the backup to get into the Equestrian Center for the race.  Fast forward 90 minutes (no joke) and we finally made it to park.
Our view for 90 minutes - ugh!
But on the flip side, it's really beautiful out in Pungo!
We realized quickly that the traffic back-up was due to lack of on site parking.  We scored a great spot and grabbed our bags to go check in.  Check in went very smoothly and we were easily able to get our bibs.

 Once we picked up our bibs, t-shirt and necklace, we headed to ID check (for our post-race beverage) and bag check.  We snapped one last photo before we secured our phones away from the mud!  Don't we look clean?!

Given that it took us so long to make it to the race, we missed our 9:45 start time, but the race organizers were flexible and were accommodating people in any wave.  We made our way to the start and hung out with lots of other ladies (most were in pink) ready to get muddy!

The race announcer was a very handsome guy - sort of with a beachy look and blonde.  We named him Ken.  When our wave (10:30) was given the green light to get moving, we high fived him and got a great shout out as he yelled "Stay Classy, Virginia Beach" - woohoo!  The first obstacle was called the barnstormer and was our favorite.  Since we passed it on the way in, I was able to snap a photo.  It was essentially a bounce castle that you traversed.

At the beginning of the race, the obstacles were clustered very close together and so there were some bottlenecks when you got to them to wait for people to make it through.  But honestly, it really wasn't a big deal as we probably didn't wait more than a minute or two at any of them.  In the middle of these obstacles was essentially a rectangular pool to walk through.  It was more water than mud, but our pristine outfits were no more!  We were one of the few groups running so we separated from the pack pretty quickly which was great.  We turned for another area of the course and made it up and over rope ladders and through a maze of ropes.  Then there was another inflatable obstacle to go up (similar to the barnstormer above), only this included a slide on the other side...into a mud pit!  I was not so fortunate with navigating this with any grace. Heather, on the other hand fared well and didn't end up with head to toe mud like I did!

Then we were off and running to another section of the course and pretty much every obstacle included some sort of mud. Luckily we hit a water station for some cleaning up...mostly our hands and faces and headed off toward the finish.  The final obstacle is a large mud pit to wade through just before the finish.  The girls in the group in front of us wrestled each other to the ground and immediately Heather and I looked at each other and said "truce."  There was no way we were doing that to each other.  We got out, jogged to the finish line and got a few photos taken.  One of the professional photographers mentioned he loves Will Ferrell so maybe we'll get some good ones!

After we snagged our finish line beer, we headed back to get our bags so we could start cleaning up.  Yes, we were really muddy!
Muddy buddies!
The changing tent included a dry area and a 'shower' area that basically included hoses...cause basically we needed to be hosed off!  We cleaned up as much as we could and dropped our shoes in the disposal area...there was NO way I was trying to salvage those guys.
The before and after 
Overall, we had a really great time at this race.  I can't remember the last time I have laughed that hard in a race (or ever) and it was great to spend the morning with one of my dearest friends.  Hopefully this will start a trend of us racing together!

More detailed thoughts on the race:
Parking: F. Complete and total failure.  If they run this event again next year, they definitely need to plan for a larger venue or off site parking.
Organization: B+.  We got some informative information via email twice before the event and I was comfortable with the level of information we received as compared to other large races I've run.  And packet pick up was easy and very organized.
Swag: B-.  The t-shirt we got is very cute, but it doesn't include any information on the event...no mention of Virginia Beach or the date.  I probably won't wear the necklace but I did add it to my medal rack and will have lots of great memories when I see it.
Value: C.  Regular race registration ranged from $65-$100, which seemed a little steep to me.  Heather's registration was $85 (the mid-point for the cost/time structure) minus 20% from my blogger discount.  We both agreed that we would be willing to pay somewhere on the order of $40-$50 for an event like this in the future.
Race Experience: A+. We laughed our way through this event.  If you can register early at the lowest cost, I'd definitely recommend it, assuming you're up for the cost.

If you haven't already, check out the Hampton Roads Magazine article on the event in which I was featured here.

And finally, thanks to all who provided awesome tips for a mud run.  I'm planning to compile these in another post in the future.


Disclaimer: As a blogger ambassador, I was asked to post twice about the event in exchange for a free race registration.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I have a mud run on my list of upcoming events this summer.

    1. Hope you enjoy your race Sarah and be sure to bring wet wipes and towels!

  2. Awesome!!! Looks like a FUN race! Love your shirts, too! :0)

    1. Thanks Karen. Loved it and yes, those shirts were fun!

  3. Write that post about prepping for a mud run soon! I have my first scheduled for June-I could use all the tips you have. Good idea about the cheap sunglasses!

    1. Monica, I will get Christine on this soon!

  4. That looks like so much fun!! I would love to do a mud run, except considering how uncoordinated I can be, I'm afraid I will hurt myself on the course. One day though! Glad you had such a great experience!

    1. Thanks Emily. It was a great day with a really good friend!