April 26, 2013

Journey to 26.2: Prep work (002)

After registering for the Marine Corps Marathon, I've been quietly working through my training plans.  I plan to start training full time in June.  Until then, I have a few things I'm doing to get ready to start my training.

1. Get strong.  I've had some nagging IT band/hip pain since right before the Shamrock Half in March.  I have talked to other runners and the trainers at the gym and concluded I have some muscle imbalances and need to get stronger in quads, hips and glutes.  I have added quite a bit more strength training to my workouts and I can really tell I'm getting stronger which is awesome.  I've also gotten more diligent about stretching and foam rolling.  My goal is to be very strong and fit when I start training and I feel like I'm on my way!

2. Get motivated.  I was digging through all of the race flyers and whatnot that I picked up at the Shamrock Half expo recently and noticed I had grabbed a map of the Marine Corps course.  What better visual to see every day to keep me on track and motivated?  Seems like a perfect thing for the fridge, yes? 
Check out that Cookie Monster magnet...I know you're jealous!

3. Get gear.  I've ordered some nuun, stocked up on my favorite fuels - Gu Jet Blackberry, Clif Shot Bloks and Sport Beans.  I also have my eyes on a really really ridiculously cute outfit by Saucony.  It's pink and green heeeyyyyy!  Additionally, I also got a new pair of sneaks to add to the rotation - Brooks Adrenalin GTS 13.

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  1. I'm pretty excited for Marine Corps and then I remembered the really long runs were starting up in August and I thought, "oooh, this is not good..."

  2. I know you are going to enter into MCM strong and ready to go! :0)

  3. You are going to rock the Marine Corps for sure!

    I sometimes hang race course maps on my fridge for motivation too!