May 17, 2013

Five Favorite Things Friday, London Edition!

We arrived in London this morning and since we have visited many times due to a job assignment in England, I thought it would be fun to share a list of favorite things. Since this is a running blog, mainly about Disney, I also wanted to mention that on Sunday morning I will be running a race in Regents Park dressed up as a Disney superhero.  Stay tuned for a full recap and photos!

London at sunset with Big Ben and Westminster Abbey in the distance!

1.  The Tower of London...This is one of the best historic sights to see in the city. It is.a mysterious place that includes not only the Crown Jewels, but also the place where two young princes mysteriously died.  The ravens are another interesting facet of the place, all in all a great spot to tour and enjoy.

2.  Harrod's Department Store  You do not need to shop here to enjoy your visit.  Harrod's has many floors of delightful things to peruse and many restaurants where you can enjoy either a cup of tea and scones, or lunch, or champagne or get the picture.  My favorite place to peruse is the pet department.  I will be visiting there to find a little toy to bring home to Lulu!  Christine is a huge fan of Paris, so her gift will be coming from a special shop on the Champs Elysee!

3.  Wimbledon  This blog may be about running, but I am also a huge tennis fan.  Back in the early 1990's, I played alot of competitive tennis while living in Texas.  While tennis is not part of my exercise routine at the moment, there is nothing better than visiting Wimbledon and seeing a match or two.

Brits dress up for tennis!

4.  Buckingham Palace   The shiny golden gates and beefeaters who guard the palace give this place such a regal air.  It is always fun to see the changing of the guard and if you go during summer hours, you can get tickets for a tour of the building (be aware though, only certain parts are open to the public)

Typical gray skies in the background!

5.  Babylon  There are roof top gardens on Kensington High Street at a place called Babylon.  This is an amazing restaurant that has fabulous views and a wonderful atmosphere for a special meal.  We will be dining here for a late lunch after my race on Sunday!

Have you been to London?  What is your favorite thing to do or see?


  1. Hi Pam! I'll be waving to you as we fly past on our way to Italy tomorrow. If I had thought of it, I would've looked for a local race as well, but it will be enough just to be able to say I ran the streets of Rome! Have a great and safe trip!

    Kimberley (Plutobaby)

  2. Hi! That's awesome! I hope you have a wonderful trip and race!! I will be going to Ireland, London and Paris for the first time in a few weeks as well as taking a 12 night cruise of the Baltics! I can't wait! I am hoping to stick with my training while on vacation! We will be traveling for a month! ~ Saundra

  3. Hi, we have been to London and we love it too! My favorite it the Tower of London! We also like approaching the gaurds and trying to get them to crack a smile! I do have to say that I was a bit disappointed in Big Ben the first time I saw it. For some reason I thought it would be much bigger,, haha!
    Have fun. Is Christine with you? Good luck in your race Pam!

  4. My only time in London spent was during a 6hr layover to Rome. We never left the airport, what a bummer! One day...

  5. Hope you have a wonderful visit and can't wait to see photos of your race and race outfit! :c)
    I'm with you...the Tower of London is facinating and at the same time very errie considering all that happened there. We were able to go at night to see the locking of the Tower done nightly....also very facinating to see. The raven's, the over cast sky...seems like such sadness there...but would not miss it.
    I loved typical tourist things...the Eye, Harrods, Buckingham Palace...
    We did however have another oportunity to go to ST James Palace across from Buckingham and visit with the Royal horse guard. Also Prince Harry, and Cousins Beatrice and Eugenie live much history...
    also visiting Kensingon Palace...Princess Diana Park...
    I think always of Princess Dianna...along with attending a Sunday service at Westminister Abby....
    London is a beautiful city....
    and if you are ever in the Kensington shopping area..there is the Pigeon Lady who walks down the street around 10 a.m...tons and tons of pigeons following behind her.... (reminds me of Home Alone Movie)
    She goes and buys bread comes back out and feeds them....they know her and wait daily for her....
    Have a fabulous Trip!

  6. Oh my gosh, London is my favorite place ever! Have a great time!! The Tower of London is at the top of my list as well. Harrods is fabulous! One of my favorite things to do is eat at The Muffin Man - a little tea shop not far off from High Street Kensington.