May 12, 2013

Moms are cool

I was recently talking to a friend about how moms are great.  Not in a cliche kinda way but we were casually discussing the really generous, kind things our moms had done for us at one time or another.  And in contrast to that conversation, I was chatting with Mom yesterday and ribbing her about missing a big dance recital of mine.  And while I always give her a hard time about that, I never thank her for all the moments she was there....the day-long swim meets, first days of school, school awards assemblies, Nutcracker performances, t-ball games (loudly cheering...sometimes with an eyebrow raise from the umpire), knee surgery, front row at college graduation, and fixing up my first home.  The list really is endless. 

Enjoying a cocktail on the observation deck on the last night of our Caribbean cruise
She was there loyally rooting for me in moments of achievement and success and gently comforting me in moments of defeat.  Like the title of this post, moms are cool, especially mine. 

Happy Mother’s Day to the best cheerleader, shopping enthusiast, Christmas cookie-making, and blogger/running buddy!  Love you!



  1. Happy Mother's Day Pam and to you too Christine for your furry baby!

    1. Thanks far it has been a grand one!

  2. You and your mom make such a great team. Enjoy the day!

  3. It's so great that you and your mom are such good friends. I love my mom like that too.

  4. I am always reminding my mom (as a joke) that she never bought me this particular ring from Avon that I wanted SO BAD! Lol! She used to sell Avon so we usually got whatever we wanted. She was a great mom, and always there for me, so it's funny to laugh about this ring sometimes. I always feel so lucky to have such a great mom, and to have her still here with me. Happy Mother's Day!