May 8, 2013

Shifting Priorities

Earlier this year, I shared my 2013 goals.  I was very excited to try to take on 12 half marathons (one per month) this year.

I was 4 for 4 through April with the Walt Disney World Half, Princess Half, Shamrock Half and Dismal Swamp Stomp Half.  And then sometime in the spring everything changed when runDisney announced the Dopey Challenge.  At first, I was skeptical but then little thoughts started creeping in and I started contemplating it. Maybe I could take it on.  If Mom does it, I should too.  And one day, I was in.

One of the predicating factors for completing Dopey was a solo marathon first.  As you all know, I haven't run a marathon before and I simply wasn't comfortable taking on the Dopey mileage without having 26.2 under my belt.  So then I registered for Marine Corps.  And with two simple clicks, everything changed for 2013.  I was now focused on completing my first marathon, which is awesome!  I am so excited to take this on, but know I can't do this with a lot of races to detract from my training both from a mental and physical standpoint.

Thus, I put my 12 half marathons in 2013 on hold.  I will still race the races I have planned including Run for the Dream on June 2nd and the Disneyland Half on Sept 1st, as part of Dumbo Double Dare Challenge.  I'm a little bummed because I was pretty excited about this goal.  I knew some races would be fun and others for time.  There would be racecations and learning about new local races.  But there will be other years and other races.  For now I'm focusing on happily making it through my first marathon and then turning the corner on an epic race weekend in January for runDisney's Dopey Challenge.

Ever radically adjusted your race goals for the year?  How did you feel about it?



  1. Well, if you're running a marathon, I'd say that counts as two half-marathons towards your goal, so you can still make it! :)

  2. I'm looking so forward to watching you and your Mom as you take on the Dopey Challenge....tempting as it was to me...I know I'm just not ready as I will have been running for a year in October... I'm hopeful to participate in 2014!

    The Marine Corps Marathon is a good husband has run it several times and says its flat with the exception at the end...the course is full of support! I hope to have to opportunity to cheer you on as we have a few friends running... I'm doing the Army 10 miler...but would love to attempt the Marine Corps at some point!
    Couldn't get into the Dumbo Double Dare in time...had to drag our feet for worry of a deployment to Afghanistan...but he isn't deploying and we were fortunate to get into the Disneyland half to start our Coast to Coast...

    So yes...we have changed plans as we go... Run where your passion is and that is what your doing!!! I love reading your blog and gaining inspiration too! ((hugs))

  3. Congrats on signing up for your first marathon!
    Your still focused & have goals. Your doing great!!!
    Sounds like its going to be an amazing 2013/2014 for you!

  4. I definitely think it was a good idea to adjust your race plan a bit since you decided to do Marine Corp and Dumbo. I'm sure it was a hard decision, but staying healthy and rested for a full marathon is so important, plus crossing the finish line of a full marathon and then Dumbo will be so amazing it'll be totally worth it!

  5. I blew out my knee one April and massively had to adjust my goals. I was majorly disappointed for sure!!!!

  6. My goals have also changed. I wanted to do a medal a month for this year, but I was sick through most of February, so that was blown out of the water. Then I registered for the Disneyworld half. Since that involves travel, I've decided to kind of curb my race spending. I also had trouble with my IT band during my last half marathon, so dialing it down is becoming necessary in order to keep doing what I want to do. Plans change and we alter course. No biggie. Doing your first full marathon is a huge deal! You can collect bling any other time.

  7. Heal and get better, ladies! You WILL reach those goals; you just need a little time and patience. You'll be back better than ever.

  8. I completely understand! I had goals of getting faster (which I have been), but with Dopey, I have had to do some shifting as well. I have a full in October as well, then it's all about the back-to-back runs. I cannot WAIT to hear about your marathon training! I'm so excited you got into MCM!