May 30, 2013

This Saturday I'm running for the dream!


I can hardly believe I am running another half marathon on Saturday.  I'm really looking forward to this race for a few reasons:
- Trying another local event (my third local half marathon this year).
- Dave McGillivray, the Boston Marathon race director, is also the race director for this event - BIG TIME!
- The course winds through historic Colonial Williamsburg.
- Seeing some local running buddies.
- Nice perks like Busch Gardens and Colonial Williamsburg tickets - SCORE!
- QR code on each bib for instant and personalized results after the race.  I love seeing races employ new technologies.



  1. And delicious post-race sandwiches.

  2. I ran the 8k last year and thoroughly enjoyed it! I would have been back this year, but there's a different local race I'm doing (I'm not local to Williamsburg). I really think you'll enjoy it! Best of luck to you!

  3. I'm so excited for you! I loved this HM/race last year, especially running in Colonial Williamsburg and the Colonial Parkway! Have so much fun, I can't wait for your recap!