May 21, 2013

Training Tuesday...Porta Potties

This would be considered a taboo subject by most people.   When you are a runner, bathroom stops can be very important, especially if you are on a long run, or away from your home.  I recently went back to the track after a long hiatus of running my speed workouts on a treadmill.

4 months since my last visit
As it turns out, I hydrated a bit too much while Tom was still in bed and paid for it once I got into my training session at the track.  After a good warm up and then two sets of 800 meters with 90 second breaks I knew I could not make it through the whole set without stopping for a bathroom break.  At this university track near me, there are four little gems, aka porta potties right at the entrance to the field area. I have avoided these each and every time I have worked out here....until now!

First, I  debated going into the wooded area that surrounds one side of the track, but realized there could be poison ivy, snakes or worse. Now I had to make the inevitable walk to the the porta potties and get it over with!  I held my nose and opened the door preparing for the worst.  The unit was clean and even had a good supply of hand sanitizer and toilet paper.  Score!  I did what I needed to do and quickly got back to my sprints.  Are you ever surprised by things during a run? Have you ever been stuck using a bathroom or porta potties in an unlikely place?



  1. As a long time football tailgater, I have no issues with using the portapotties. They are, for the most part, reasonably well-maintained and clean enough. I have been doing a lot of night speed walking with my friends and there have been a few nights that my bladder has been less than cooperative. We walk through an area where there is a lot of new construction, and there are several portable units set up on the job sites. I have, more than once, been tempted to duck inside. I've managed to hold off, but I think I'm just going to go for it next time.

    1. It's definitely part of becoming a "runner" haha :) You somehow get over the ick factor pretty quickly!

  2. I've never had to potty in a random place, but I've heard stories of friends who have! Glad these port-a-potties were nice and clean! Yay for hand sanitizer, too!

  3. I think I'm going to start keeping a small bottle of hand sanitizer with me for just such an emergency. Definitely could have used a port-a-potty while on my short run tonight!

  4. I use to never ever go to the bathroom in a public place (I am a germaphobe!) but now I'm older I have no choice (especially if I'm running) It drives me crazy to use a porta potty, but sometimes there is no choice-sigh. I'm like you, I just hold my breath and get the job done trying to touch as little as possible-lol!