May 12, 2013

Weekly Roundup: May 12th

Our biggest news of the week happened Thursday night when Christine surprised me and registered for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and Jingle Jungle 5k!  This means I have a running buddy for the half marathon....yay!  We can't wait to line up at 10:00 pm for a super fun night run through the parks and especially DHS for the Osborne Family Lights display.

Starting Line 2012

Due to a great MRI report last week, I was able to run more mileage this week than in about a month.  It was great to get in a long run of nine miles that felt easy at ten minute mile pace.  Our weather finally turned to summer and my warm weather running clothes were finally put to use.  I even finished my long run with a dip in the pool, but considering our cool spring, it was like a large ice bath!  Christine had a busy week that included another chance to run with one of the girls in the Girls On the Run program at a local 5k.  Her little girl at age 9 was fast and they completed the course in 30 minutes, second best of her entire school!  Way to go Hannah!

Sunday, May 5th
Pam: Rest day
Christine: Rest and LOTS of foam rolling and stretching

Monday, May 6th
Pam: Speedwork 6 X 400 descending 4.20 miles total, Core and Restore class
Christine: 30 min elliptical, leg weights, stretching

Tuesday, May 7th
Pam:  30 minutes stationary bike, yoga class, walked 9 holes golf
Christine: 3.4 mile run (fast)

Wednesday, May 8th
Pam: Ran 4.2 miles (tempo run), Core and Restore class
Christine: Rest

Thursday, May 9th
Pam: 30 minutes eliptical, yoga class, walked nine holes golf
Christine: 5 mile easy run, abs, stretching

Friday, May 10th
Pam: 9 mile run
Christine: Rest

Saturday, May 11th
Pam: Rest Day
Christine: Girls on the Run 5k

How was your week?  Did you get in lots of exercise?


  1. Yay for running buddies! Yay for good MRIs! I'm a little worried about the W&D because it's a night run, guess I should schedule a few long runs at night this fall to get ready!

    1. April, I only ran two early evening runs before Wine and Dine last year and it worked out fine. We did take the afternoon off, rested, watched TV, hydrated and ate so we were not too tired to enjoy the race and after party!

  2. Woo hoo! I'll be doing my first Wine and Dine in November, my mom will be running the 5k with me! :)

    1. Oh how fun. The Disney races are wonderful to do with relatives and anyone for that matter.

  3. Awesome you'll have your buddy for Wine and Dine! Yay! Great job this week, y'all!

    1. Thanks Karen. My week was made when Christine signed up for Wine and Dine!

  4. That is awesome about her signing up!
    I have a question, when signups start for a race, do they usually start midnight of the date or some other time? You both have inspired me to try a challenge and I want to make sure I get a spot for the glass slipper challenge!