June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

While Dad isn't an active member of our family running club, he's our consummate cheerleader and supporter.  He was my spectating buddy during the WDW Marathon this year as we watched Mom successfully complete the last leg of Goofy Challenge.  The funny thing is that we often ran together when I was in high school when I was trying to stay in shape during the swimming off season.  He would often serenade me with Army chants to keep us moving forward.
Magic Kingdom circa August 1990
My Dad inspired and encouraged my inner nerd....from introducing me to sci fi flicks like Star Wars and Planet of the Apes to helping me with math homework to inspiring me to pursue engineering as a degree and career.  He is my amusement/theme park thrill-seeking buddy and will join me on any and all of the roller coasters.  He introduced me to cool music like Tom Petty, Genesis, Rolling Stones and many others when I was a kid and he's lucky that I often indulge him in the "Name that Tune" game (since Mom loathes it).

He's helped me with countless home improvement projects, including hanging the newly painted cabinet doors in my kitchen only hours before I was throwing a huge party (not good planning on my part).  He took me on mystery dates when I was a little girl and we've shared countless other adventures on the ski slopes and tennis courts, at English pubs, on our makeshift driveway basketball "court", and at Big Thunder Mountain at WDW.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!


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