June 28, 2013

In the news (001)

My job often dips into relevant news in the health arena.  Often times, I come across interesting information that pertains to running or fitness or nutrition so I figured I would share things that pique my interest.

Recently The British Journal of Sports Medicine published an article summarizing a very large exercise science study on pronation, running shoes and relation to injuries.  As an over-pronator myself, I'm very comfortable and happy in my stability shoes, but this article certainly makes you think a bit.  What do you think?  Link to NY Times article here

Apparently a high-carb diet makes you want more carbs.  Go figure!  I run so I can eat pizza, cookies and cupcakes...but I guess it only makes me want it more!  Link to LA Times article here.

Is it possible that less physical harm is done during an ultra than a marathon?  A study of runners in the Tor des Geants, a 330km race through the Italian Alps, concluded that runners showed less muscle fatigue and lower levels of inflammation in the blood.  Link to Science Mag article here.



  1. Hi Christine -

    I came from the marathon world for several years, and ran about 4 every year. I got burned out on road racing and took to ultras and the mountainous trails. Having now run ultras from 50k to 100 miles, I can definitely say that I've hurt far worse after marathons than the longer distance ultramarathons. Admittedly, it's a different type of pain, and ultras inflict greater damage for longer periods, (imagine hurting for 18-30 hours straight) the sharp pain of marathons was far more uncomfortable.

    Great blog, btw

  2. Hmmm-that was an interesting article on pronation. I'm an over pronator myself and I blame ALL my injuries on that (not the fact that I started running later in life where I was pretty much sedentary nor the fact that I'm at the tail end of a weight loss journey) I do know that I put on one shoe of my Saucony Guides and one I bought 'OTC' and I could tell a huge difference, as did my PT, so I think I'll stick to my stability shoes!

  3. Interesting! The last article took me by surprise!