June 1, 2013

Superhero 5k Race for Health Prom

 I had the privilege of running a charity run in Regents Park, London, on Sunday the 19th of May. The race was scheduled at 10:30am, and the check in started at 9:00am when you could pick up your superhero costume that was included in your race registration. I chose to put together my own version of  a superhero,  so I did not take a Batman or Superman costume. Arriving early after a short underground Tube ride, Tom walked me over to Regents Park to make sure I was all set for the race before he headed to the Tower of London to meet up with our friends.  I was very early, but met one other runner as we exited the Regents Park Tube station. We walked to the park and once inside, we found the check in area.  I discovered that you only needed to check in if you planned to receive a provided costume to wear for the race.  The race was untimed and bibs were not issued.  This did not make me any less eager to run a quick 5k though.  Super Minnie was ready and eager for her first international race.

Super Minnie is ready to race!

The starting area was set up with signs for the various charities and I found Tanya and some of the others running for Health Prom.

Two Superwomen running for HealthProm

We posed for a group shot before the race was to begin, with the runners ready to take on either 5k or 10k.  It seemed unanimous that the men would run 10k and the women 5k!

Part of the team of runners

Finally the race was ready to begin after some fun warm up activities led by the disc jockey for the race.  Since there was no official timing, it was basically, ready, set, go and we were off to run through the park.  The course wound through many different areas of the park including the zoo which was really fun.  I chose to run without music so I could enjoy the sights and sounds around me.  It was a really pleasant run and my finish time by my Garmin was 25:35. They even gave finishers medals to all of the runners which was a nice touch.  After waiting for my teammates to finish, I said my goodbyes and headed back to the underground to make my way back to the hotel.   I snapped this photo as I was departing Regents Park and as you can see, the gardens in London are simply beautiful!

Have you ever run an international race?  Tell us about it!

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  1. Looks like you had so much fun!! I haven't ever run an international race, but I definitely would if given the chance :)