June 16, 2013

Weekly Roundup: June 16th

This week was filled with some challenges for working out - a tornado warning on Monday in VA and we both traveled to Boston for family functions later in the week.  It's easy to get out of whack with training when you're away from home, but we fared pretty well, largely due to the fact that there's a beautiful gym in my grandmother's retirement community. 

Sunday, June 9th
Pam: 45 minute bike ride, Jillian Michaels 30 day shred tape
Christine: Trail run - 5.0 miles on trail and 2.5 in neighborhood

Monday, June 10th
Pam: run 4 miles outside
Christine: 25 min stationary bike interrupted by tornado warnings so I went home and finished with a 30 minute circuit training in my living room

Tuesday, June 11th
Pam: 60 min. yoga class, 9 holes golf
Christine: Rest (hit up happy hour with friends instead of working out...I think it was a good decision!)

Wednesday, June 12th
Pam: 8 miles running, deep water aerobics class
Christine: 3.4 miles outside in neighborhood

Thursday, June 13th
Pam: Rest
Christine: Rest

Friday, June 14th
Pam: 40 min elliptical, stretching
Christine: 5 miles on treadmill, stretching

Saturday, June 15th
Pam: Rest
Christine: 30 min stationary bike, 20 min elliptical, stretching

Any fun plans for the upcoming week?


  1. Happy hour was most definitely a good decision!
    Pam, I'm interested to hear how you like the Jillian Michael's DVD's? I'm looking for something to use at home occasionally when I can't get to group exercise or it's a cross training day..

    Karen @cinderella_runs

    1. Hey Karen, I wrote about the Jillian Michaels DVDs here: http://www.werundisney.com/2013/04/training-tuesday-jillian-michaels-dvds.html

      Love them!

  2. awesome week ladies! Golf sounds like great upper body crosstraining ;)

    1. Got your ticket to the gun show heh ;)

  3. I love that you didn't let a little tornado siren interfere with getting your workout done!

    1. I was thoroughly annoyed with the workout interruption!