June 2, 2013

Weekly Roundup: June 2nd

Pam returned home from a two week vacation and Christine took this week a bit easy after crushing her 10k last weekend with over a ten minute PR.  She will be running a half marathon in Williamsburg, VA today which is another reason she needed some extra rest.

Here is the lovely medal Christine will earn today!

The weather has all of a sudden turned very hot in both Virginia and North Carolina so our summer running clothes are getting a workout.  It is now less than three months until Dumbo Challenge so we are upping our mileage soon to be prepared for the back to back races. We are also incorporating some different cross training such as outdoor bike rides and swimming.  Do you change up your workouts based on the seasons?

And here is what we did this week, and in the case of Pam, how little she managed to fit in on vacation!

Sunday, May 26th
Pam: Lots of walking
Christine: Rest

Monday, May 27th
Pam:  Ran on deck of riverboat, and 1 hour afternoon walk
Christine: Rest

Tuesday, May 28th
Pam: Visit to Normandy and alot of walking
Christine: 3.5 mile easy run

Wednesday, May 29th
Pam: Rest Day
Christine: 15 min walk, abs, stretching

Thursday, May 30th
Pam:  Ran 4.5 miles tempo
Christine: 3 mile run, 1/4 mile cool down, stretching

Friday, May 31st
Pam:  Sculpt class and 25 minutes biking
Christine: Rest

Saturday, June 1st
Pam:  Ran 7 miles outside and it was HOT!
Christine: Rest

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  1. Good luck to C today! The linkup is also up too btw ladies! Happy Sunday!