July 13, 2013

Long Runs Make Me Happy!

When I started running less than three years ago, my long runs were something I dreaded and feared.  As my mileage increased towards that first half marathon race, I struggled with anxiety before every long run as the mileage grew.  That even included wondering if I would make the distance on my training plan, could I keep the moderate pace and most of all, could I make it back to my house in one piece?  Confidence is a huge part of running and frankly, this older new runner did not have it.  My ah ha moment came sometime in mid February, when I ran my last training run before my half marathon debut at Walt Disney World.  The completion of a 12 mile run at a reasonable pace gave me the confidence I needed to toe the line for my first big race.  Finished and happy as shown in the photo below, the running addiction was just beginning!

February 27, 2011
Because my training schedule has me running only three days a week now and occasionally four, the long runs are the easier days.....pace is always comfortable and the time on my feet is something I have gotten used to.  Long run day is now my favorite training day of my week. The beauty of the long run for me starts with the first few steps away from my driveway.  It is very relaxing to run with no really specific goal except mileage. It is amazing what I can accomplish on a long run too.....solving the world's problems as well as my own are some of the thoughts that go through my head.  I'm sure when the long runs turn in to 20 miles I may change my tune, but at the moment they are my happy pace and place!

Do you love your long runs too?


  1. I definitely love long runs! It takes me about 3 miles to ever warm up and get into a good pace so I prefer long runs over short ones. :-)

  2. Yes, absolutely! Like you, my run coach has me running only four days a week, so my long run is my easy run where I get to settle into a comfy pace and relax.

  3. I feel the same way! Of course, my long runs for Dumbo aren't always the easiest on these SWELTERING summer days, but the confidence boost I get when I'm done makes those miles WELL worth the effort! :)

  4. I LOVE long runs (just not in the TX heat/humidity)! For the summertime, I have taken quite a liking to speedwork interval workouts!