July 19, 2013

My Music Playlist!

Before you start laughing at my playlist, bear with me.  I am probably double the age of most runners who follow our blog.  This is Pam talking, the old lady of the We Run Disney duo!  While running my 8 miles on Saturday I began to realize that many of the songs on my shuffle have life stories behind them.  This gave me something really fun to focus on instead of the extreme heat and humidity making for a very tough run!

Elton John singing Tiny Dancer reminds me of Christine's first dance recital!  At the age of four, she participated in a recital with many girls who did not attend class with any frequency.  Tom and I howled with laughter during the recital and she gave mad eyes to the girls who stood on stage and did not dance!  It was hilarious!

With a smirk like McKayla Maroney!

As the Beach Boys Kokomo came on my shuffle I was reminded of our drive to Newark Airport as we were headed for a spring break trip to Jamaica many years ago.  We all were singing along and the trip was a really fun family vacation!

Pink sunglasses have always been a favorite!

One of my favorite songs on the shuffle is Sweet Caroline sung by Neil Diamond!   As a Red Sox fan since childhood, this one always makes me smile. I loved hearing this at mile 23 of the Mickey Marathon in January and look forward to making more memories as I run the marathon again in January with Christine as part of the Dopey Challenge!  Beware though, if you are near me when this song plays, I will sing and it will be loud and off key!

Do you have stories to go with the songs on your playlist?


  1. Kokomo is a great song, nice choice!! I don't have any one song that bring back a specific memory but I love that idea!

  2. Anytime I hear Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger," it reminds me of mile 7 of the Princess Half 2012- my first half marathon. It comes on and I'm immediately taken back to all those wonderful feelings you get from one of your "firsts."

    Good luck with training! I'll be at the Dumbo Double Dare and the Dopey Challenge as well! :-)

  3. OMG, Our post today is also about our playlist!!!! Yes I very much agree with how a song evokes a memory. Have you ever hear the Clint Black song " Aint it funny how a melody can bring back a memory"? So true! Glad you have some great memories to think about as you run!

  4. How fun! It's amazing how songs can bring back so many memories! Every time I hear the Pirates of the Caribbean music it reminds me of the first time I ran the Disney Princess Half. You could hear the music forever and then you saw this huge pirate ship on the side of the road..so awesome! I know you and Christine have seen it! ;-) I remember hearing Sweet Caroline during the marathon this year...me and everyone around me were singing it out loud! :-)

  5. I love reading postings on how music moves in people's lives. Music is a HUGE passion of mine. So, the music on my playlists all have a purpose. On one of my playlists is "Ever Ever After" by Carrie Underwood (from the soundtrack to "Enchanted"). My wife and I loved this song from when we first saw "Enchanted." So, we selected this to be the song that was playing when we exited the church at the end of our wedding ceremony. Ever since, this song reminds me of the moment when we were first called husband and wife. Whether I'm running to this song or hearing it while on the eliptical machine at the gym, it brings me back to that very happy moment in my life.

    Thanks for sharing some of the stories behind a few songs on your playlist.