July 14, 2013

Weekly Roundup: July 14th

It's been a really busy week for us following the holiday.  Somehow the weeks following a holiday are always tough...work is busy, there's chores to do and no immediate excitement on the horizon.  It was also a big mileage ramp-up week for me and I had some killer training runs.  With today's run (which is not captured here, but still counts in my mind for my three runs per week mileage), I'll hit 25 miles which may be my longest weekly mileage ever.  And I know it will only go up from here.  Here I come Marine Corps Marathon!!

Sunday, July 7th
Pam: Rest day, but played 9 holes of golf!
Christine: Rest day

Monday, July 8th
Pam:  5 mile tempo run, 50 minute sculpt class
Christine: 30 min stationary bike, Leg weights

Tuesday, July 9th
Pam: 1 hour yoga class
Christine: Speed work 4x800 with a mile warm up and 1/2 mile cool down for 4.4 miles total

Wednesday, July 10th
Pam: Speedwork 8x400 for 4.25 miles total
Christine: Rest day

Thursday, July 11th
Pam:  eliptical 30 minutes
Christine: 7 mile tempo run on treadmill: 1 mile warm up at 9:40 pace, 2 miles at 9:06 pace (6.6 mph), 2 miles at 8:57 pace (6.7 mph), 2 miles at 8:49 pace (6.8 mph) with 9:1 intervals, 1/2 mile walk for cool down for total of 7.5 miles

Friday, July 12th
Pam: 20 minutes bike, 1200 meters rowing, Core and Restore class
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, July 13th
Pam: 8 mile run outside in 1:23
Christine: 30 minute stationary bike, abs, arm work

What was your favorite activity this week?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, each week is getting harder as we work our way in to the fall racing season!

  2. Great week!

    I was still in recovery, so my favorite activity this week was trekking around Magic Kingdom. A great warm up for my first run back!

    1. Ahh...trekking around MK sounds like the best activity ever!

    2. Jennifer, trekking around MK is the best activity ever!

  3. You go ladies! Kicking butt and taking names - in the nicest way possible ;)

  4. Nice work this week ladies! It's fun to see where your plans are similar or different.

    1. Thanks Meghan. Some weeks are better than others and the sun/heat is really killing us this summer!