August 30, 2013

It's Expo Day!

We'll be heading out to the expo bright and early today.  We can't wait to share all of our fun adventures of our Disneyland race weekend with you....

August 29, 2013

Are you interested in some fun and games?

While we are en route to California this morning, we'll leave you with this...

Hope you have smooth travels to the happiest place on earth!

August 28, 2013

Video: making of a runDisney race costume

One of the things we love most about runDisney events is the costumes.  A big portion of the participants run in all sorts of spandex and wicking fabric, designed to look like a Disney character.  And half the fun of dressing up is the costume development process.  I've already shared with you my inclination towards less common characters so the decision-making process is typically lengthy for me.  In this video, we'll share the key steps of costume development and our outfits for the Disneyland Half Marathon!

What are your thoughts on running in costume?

August 27, 2013

Healthy Meals (009): Italian Chicken Spaghetti Casserole

This recipe comes just in time for your last meals at home before you head off to Disneyland.  I was feeling like a little comfort food last weekend and crafted this "casserole" with ingredients I had on hand.  I consulted a few recipes and the ingredients in my fridge.

Italian Chicken Spaghetti Casserole

  • 1 package spaghetti, cooked according to package directions
  • 1 1/2 jars pasta sauce (I used a combination of tomato basil and spicy tomato)
  • 1 large onion, diced
  • 1-10 oz package frozen, chopped spinach, thawed and drained
  • 1-14 oz. can of diced tomatoes, partially drained
  • 3 chicken breasts, cooked and diced
  • 4-6 oz. light cream cheese
  • 1 Tbsp fresh chopped basil
  • 1 Tbsp fresh chopped oregano
  • Olive oil
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese (optional)
  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. In large cast iron pot, heat olive oil and cook onion until translucent and fragrant, about 6-8 minutes.  Add spinach, cream cheese and herbs, frequently stirring.  Add 1 jar of pasta sauce.  Add chicken and spaghetti and mix well.
  3. Place mixture in 9x13 casserole dish and top with additional sauce and top with cheese, if desired.  Bake 30 minutes or until bubbly.  
  4. Serve with crusty bread and a tossed salad.  

August 26, 2013

The Hard Part.....Waiting for Race Weekend!

Who else struggles while waiting for a race weekend to arrive?  These girls are on the edge of their seats waiting to go to California for the long awaited inaugural runDisney Dumbo Challenge Weekend.  Back in January, at the WDW Marathon weekend expo, I registered both Christine and myself for the California races.
Look how serious....I got help from CM Michelle!
It seems like such a long time ago and yes, it was.  In that time of nearly eight months we have run loads of races, including the Donald Half Marathon, the Mickey Marathon, the Royal Family 5k and the Princess Half Marathon in Florida.  Adding in many local races and Christine has been on a PR tear.  Her races this year have included a PR in the 5k distance by nearly 4 minutes, a 10k PR by nearly ten minutes and a half marathon PR of nearly 10 minutes.  With a total of 10 races so far this year, her next race task is to complete the Dumbo Challenge with me!  I have been less busy racing, but I did manage to PR my half marathon in March and that was a huge surprise. I managed just 7 races, but that was plenty since the weather has been so hot and rainy this summer! 

We are both so excited about the trip to California, and yes, you're probably tired of hearing about it!   Soon it will be Thursday and we will be on our way and it can't come too soon!

Hope to see loads of you in sunny California!

August 25, 2013

Weekly Roundup : August 25th

We are so close to leaving for our trip to California and the inaugural runDisney Dumbo Double Dare Challenge.  This week seemed to go so slowly despite being a busy one for both of us!  Our workouts went pretty well and I was relieved that my 10 mile run gave me confidence that my quad is ready for the Dumbo Challenge.

Some fun things happened this week too!  Our tickets for Disneyland came so we are can't wait to hit the parks as soon as we arrive on Thursday morning!

Ready to hit the entrance turnstiles!

In just seven days we will be earning four new medals to add to our bling collection.  I can't wait for Christine to experience Disneyland and get her coast to coast medal.

From my shrine! Photo taken at the Disneyland Hotel in 2011!
So here is what we did for the week:

Sunday, August 18th
Pam: Ran 4 miles
Christine: Ran 13.1 miles with 4:1 run:walk intervals (the second half of my test run of Dumbo mileage)

Monday, August 19th
Pam: 1 hour stationary bike
Christine: Rest with stretching and foam rolling

Tuesday, August 20th
Pam: 1 hour yoga class
Christine: Speed work- 6 x 800 with 1/2 mile warm-up and cool down for total of 4.5 miles, Abs

Wednesday, August 21st
Pam:  Ran 10 miles
Christine: 30 min stationary bike, leg weights

Thursday, August 22nd
Pam: 35 minutes stationary bike, weights
Christine: rest day

Friday, August 23rd
Pam: rest day
Christine: rest day

Saturday, August 24th
Pam: 5 mile tempo run
Christine: 5.25 mile run with 4:1 run:walk intervals

Are you going to Disneyland?  Are you also packed and ready to leave?

August 23, 2013

Nuun, A Hydration Beverage Favorite!

Christine and I discovered Nuun this spring after reading about it online and finding it at a race expo.  It seemed like a great alternative to Gatorade which was the electrolyte replacement drink we had used in the past.  Nuun Active Hydration Tablets are the ones we purchase. We love the large variety of flavors and also the option of caffeine with some of the flavors.  So far, our favorites include watermelon, strawberry lemonade and Kona cola with the overwhelming favorite being watermelon!  One of the best features of Nuun is the portability factor.  When we travel to California next week for our Dumbo Double Dare race weekend, we can tuck a tube into our suitcase and it gives us twelve 16 ounce servings.  Nuun contains no sugar so the product is only eight calories per sixteen ounce serving.  Compare that to the huge amount of calories in Gatorade and Powerade for the 16 ounces.  It also is great for hydrating while on an airplane.  Just ask your flight attendant to fill your water bottle after you pop a Nuun tablet into the container.  That's what we plan to do next week when we are on our flight to John Wayne Airport.

My pantry has plenty of my favorite flavors!

Nuun is sponsoring several women's teams for the Hood to Coast Relay this weekend.  The team of racers is listed here and you can follow along on numerous social media outlets.  We can't wait to see how this goes for our blogging friends.

Last but not least, we are going to have a surprise for several of our readers coming to Disneyland and it might just include some of our favorite hydration tablets. Stay tuned to be part of the fun!

Disclaimer:  As always, the opinions shared here are my own and I was not compensated in any way for this post.

August 22, 2013

Journey to 26.2: Motivate, y'all! (009)

Are you running Marine Corps Marathon (or any fall marathon for that matter) and in need of motivation?  Watch this video, preferably in your running clothes and then GET TO WORK!

Less than 70 days to go!  OOH-RAH!

August 21, 2013

Packing For Your runDisney Racecation!

Packing for a runDisney racecation is a bit different than both a typical race and vacation.  It requires some attention to detail and careful attention to the weather forecast, especially a Florida trip.  After having attended 7 runDisney weekends between us, we're starting to become pros and figured we would share our best tips for making sure you have everything you need for your upcoming race.
A familiar site, eh?  You don't want to arrive here in a panic
because you didn't pack well!
1. Pack all of your race gear in a carry-on bag.  It really goes without saying that you don't need your beloved running shoes to be lost in your suitcase in Timbuktu one day before your first marathon.  I typically carry-on for runDisney weekends, so this isn't a huge problem for me.

2. Bring your own fuel. You don't want to learn that the gel they're giving out on course gives you serious GI issues.  Bring the fuel that works for you during training.  And hey, if you did your homework and tested the race-course fuel in advance and it works for you, goaheadwithyourbadself!

3. Check and double check that you have your running gear/outfit/costume.  At the end of the day, you could probably purchase something at the expo but in the event they aren't selling your favorite socks, why put yourself through the headache of trying something new on race day?!

4. Bring something to occupy your brain.  If you're traversing the US on a plane, you'll want something occupy your brain other than your upcoming race.  I like to download the race documents to my iPad so I can peruse them on the plane.  This puts me at ease so I'm in the know for the weekend and also helps get me even more excited (if that's possible).  Sometimes, I like to have a book or magazine to flip through the night before the race to keep my mind occupied.

5. Make sure to bring a water bottle.  The airlines give you minimal food and drink now, and water is readily available at fountains throughout the airports. This is also handy to have for the parks and hotel room.  You can easily keep track of your fluid intake with your bottle from home.

6. Leave extra room in your bag!  If you have plans to hit the expo for some shopping (and why wouldn't you?!), you'll want to leave a bit of extra room in your bag for some of your awesome race swag.  I always end up basically sitting on my suitcase to accommodate all of my new runDisney duds!
Told you we like to shop the expos!
Printable packing list available here!

What are your best packing tips?

August 20, 2013

5 tips to get you ready for the Disneyland Half Expo

This is part two of our posts on the Disneyland Half Expo.  In yesterday's post, Mom talked all about the runDisney merchandise booth.  In this post, I'll share five tips to help get you prepared for the expo.

1. Know your schedule: The expo is at the Disneyland Hotel and is open Friday from 10-8 and Saturday 10-5.  This will give you more than enough time to listen to the speakers, shop and pick up all your race gear.

2. Get your race gear: The expo is the place where you pick up your packet which includes a bib, pins, gear check bag, and race shirt.  To make this process go faster, make sure you print your waiver at home (so you don't have to wait in the line to print it at the expo).

3. Plan your shopping trip.  In addition to the runDisney booth, there are loads of other booths with great merchandise.  You can find the list of exhibitors on pages 12 and 13 of the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend program.
This is hard to read, but you'll get the idea of the number of booths that will be at the expo!
4. Get educated: Disney doesn't hold back when it comes to getting fabulous speakers to give you training, racing, nutrition and motivation tips.  Jeff Galloway, Tara Gidus, Ali Vincent and others will be taking the main stage to share their wisdom with you.  You can find the speaker series details on pages 14 and 15 in the Disneyland Half Marathon program.

5. Make changes: Last but not least, get prepared to make any changes.  This includes providing a proof of time to move up to an earlier corral or exchanging your shirt.  To change your corral placement, take a look at the corral seed times for Disneyland Half here, Disneyland 10k here and Dumbo Double Dare here and make sure your time will actually get you into an earlier corral.  Bring a print out of the race results and go to the Runner Relations booth.  This is a VERY simple process - I've done it twice now.  If you want to exchange your shirt for a different size, there is a shirt exchange booth off to the far right of the t-shirt and gear bag pick-up area.


August 19, 2013

Shopping the runDisney Booth at the Race Expo!

We are nuts about the runDisney Expos (as evidenced here, here, and here!).  In fact, we plan our time at the expo very carefully so we don't miss out on any possible thing we might need to purchase for running or any other activity.  The booth that we enjoy the most though, is the official runDisney booth.  It includes many clothing items including "I Did It" shirts, technical fabric training shirts, jackets, hooded sweatshirts, headbands, glass wear, pins.  You get the picture.  You can spend hours in this booth choosing all sorts of fun stuff that you just can't live without.  We always check out everything and plan our purchases carefully.  We try to keep from buying everything, but as you can see, we do not have a lot of restraint, especially me.  Check out my jacket collection below.
My favorite is the first one from the Disneyland Half in 2011!
I may or may not have bought a jacket at every runDisney weekend I have attended!  Christine also likes the jackets and found a really cute cotton hoodie at the Princess Expo with year.

Next are the "I Did It" shirts.  These are very popular so be sure to pick out yours when you get to the official merchandise booth.  We always wear these to the parks the day after our races and it is fun to see other runners in their shirts too.
My favorite of these is the second from the top. the shirts were v-neck at the DL Half Expo in 2011
Training shirts are another item we always look for at the expo.  It is fun running in your new technical shirt while training for the next Disney race on your calendar.
One for every day of the week!
There are many smaller items to choose from too, including race pins, magnets, headbands, drink glasses....

Pins, headband, Bondi Band and magnet

I hope Mickey can stand up after he gets his Dumbo Challenge
medals and the Coast to Coast Challenge medal!
We have a few tricks up our sleeves for the Disneyland Half expo, so make sure you keep an eye on the Facebook page for more details!

What is your favorite thing to purchase at the runDisney official merchandise booth at the expo?

August 18, 2013

Weekly Roundup: August 18th

On this day in two weeks we will be earning these beauties and our coast to coast medals!  Training has been going really well for Christine and Pam is coming back from her quad injury.
The Dumbo Challenge Trio

Swimming became the alternative training method to keep my cardio fitness in good shape.  The weather has been mostly rainy but who cares when you are swimming!
This was my one sunny day for swimming, Sunday!
Besides training, we had some fun this week making more plans for our trip to California and Disneyland.  There will be some surprises in store for some of our friends so keep up with our Facebook and twitter (@werundisney) pages so you catch the details!

Countdown to Marine Corps Marathon!
Christine is only a few months away from her first marathon and continues to increase her mileage and speed.  I can't wait to run the Dopey Challenge with her in January, when we can run our first marathon together. Here's our week in review:

Sunday, August 11th
Pam: Swam 40 laps
Christine: Reveled in completing longest run to date (17 miles) on Saturday!  Oh, and I walked 3 miles on the beach

Monday, August 12th
Pam: Physical Therapy
Christine: 30 minutes elliptical, abs, stretching, foam rolling

Tuesday, August 13th
Pam: Swam 30 laps, 1 hour Yoga class
Christine: Speed work - 1/2 mile warm up, 2 x 1200, 3 x 800, 1/2 mile cool down for total of 4.5 miles

Wednesday, August 14th
Pam: Rest day
Christine: Rest day

Thursday, August 15th
Pam: 1 hour Yoga class, physical therapy
Christine: 2 mile run (cut short by some intense back pain), 2 mile walk, abs

Friday, August 16th
Pam: Swam 40 laps
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, August 17th
Pam: 1 mile run and 1/2 mile walk, plank, stretching
Christine: 6 mile treadmill run, abs, stretching

 How was your week?  Are you preparing for a special race?

August 17, 2013

KT Tape Giveaway

The last couple of months I've really struggled with a nagging knee issue. On one desperate day, I dug out my old knee brace for some additional support. After posting an Instagram photo to Twitter, lots of people mentioned KT Tape. After looking at their website, I learned that one of my local drug stores sells the pro (which is in pre-cut strips and is supposed to have better adhesive).

Fast forward a few months later and I’m a convert of this magical tape that seems to help keep my knee pain at bay. I have settled on the total knee support configuration for my left knee. I also have been taping the night before my long runs – it seems to stay adhered to my skin a bit better. My only wish is that I didn't blow through it so quickly!

And now for the exciting part! The awesome folks at KT Tape have graciously agreed to provide two of our readers with a roll of the pro tape. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I’m not a health professional so cannot speak to any scientific benefits of the product.

August 16, 2013

When dogs wear running gear

When I was on my 17 mile run last weekend, this happened...

Happy Friday!

August 15, 2013

Journey to 26.2: Marine Corps Marathon Tips (008)

I've spent most of my marathon training focusing on the nuances of the distance itself and the training plan.  With the Marine Corps Marathon posting a great video with some tips specific to this event, I started thinking...maybe I need to start prepping for this marathon.  So after watching the "Beat the Arch" video, reading lots of Facebook posts and some tweets.

Here's what I've learned for specifics about the Marine Corps Marathon:

  • Food served on the course: oranges, Clif shots, Jelly Belly sport beans and Dunkin Donuts munchkins
  • Electrolyte beverage served on the course will be Gatorade Endurance lemon lime flavor
  • Bag check: Use the clear plastic bag provided and UPS will handle the rest.
  • Watch your footing at the aid station with oranges as it's slippery!
  • Medical Tents will be approx every 3-4 miles along the course and there are 10 in total.
  • There will be 800 porta-potties!
  • You must pass mile 17 by 12:25 PM
  • You must pass mile 20, aka Beat the Bridge, by 1:05 PM.
  • The finish line has a hard shut down at 3pm, 7 hours after the start.  
  • The best way to the starting line is to head to the Runner's Village in the Pentagon North parking lot via metro or shuttle bus (from Crystal City).
  • Like many major events, Clif will be providing pacers for 3:05, 3:15, 3:25, 3:34, 3:45, 4:00, 4:15, 4:20, 4:45, 5:00 and 5:30
  • Need some training motivation?  Print the course map and tack it someplace you'll see...I have one on my fridge!
  • And don't fret, if your email address has changed since you registered, just send an email to 
More details will be forthcoming in the pre-event newsletters.  

Have you run Marine Corps before?  Any tips to share?


August 14, 2013

My Niece Ran the Falmouth Road Race!

On Sunday, my niece Emily ran the Falmouth Road Race. The weather was beautiful with mid 70's temperature and low humidity with plenty of sunshine.  The race is from Woods Hole, MA to Falmouth Heights and the course travels three miles through a narrow wooded area followed by four miles along the coast with absolutely gorgeous scenery to keep you entertained!  Having spent many summers on Cape Cod and specifically, West Falmouth, I can only imagine how fun this race would be for the runners!
Near the finish line!
On Friday, my brother John and Emily hit the Expo in the afternoon to pick up the race bib and accompanying swag bag.
Race Expo pickup
This photo is for Erica, Emily's big sister who works for Penske!
Emily was lucky to get a spot in the race because a week prior to the race, 350 spots were opened and she was one of the fortunate ones to register quickly.  Unable to use an Ipod on race day, it left her free to pour water on her head and turn into a human sponge (her words)!  There were wonderful crowds of people cheering, some blasting stereos, playing instruments and some giving out oranges.  It made for a very festive atmosphere. She is hoping to run this race again in the future, having enjoyed running with so many talented athletics with such amazing views along the course.

Looking good on race day and finished with a time of 1:06.10
Thanks for sharing your experience, Emily!

Have you ever run a local race deep with traditions?

August 13, 2013

Training Tuesday: Another Injury Time Out!

Last week I was hard at work getting in my miles, cross training workouts and exercise classes.  However, everything came to a screeching halt on Thursday when fifteen minutes after TRX class started, I heard/felt something in my right quad.  It was an eerie sensation, where you know something has happened inside your body, but no one around could hear it except you.  I immediately excused myself from class and Rachel, my instructor told me to go home and rest, ice elevate the injured leg and take Ibuprofen.  I followed her directions and decided that I would be proactive and call my doctor first thing Friday morning for an appointment.  With the Dumbo Challenge three weeks away, I needed to heal quickly!

Lulu kept me company while I iced my leg!

Friday morning I was unable to make a doctor appointment so I went instead to Urgent Care where I saw a Nurse Practitioner who diagnosed my quad strain.  She thought PT would help so wrote my prescription and I was on my way after just under an hour!  Stopping at the Pt office on the way home was really helpful because Jude checked out how I was walking and assured me that it was not a major problem. He could see me Monday at 1 pm and I was eager to get the therapy started, especially since my weekend was going to be more resting, icing and elevating!  I did manage to get in a good swim over the weekend since I only used my arms and good leg to push off the walls! It felt great to do some exercise and the pool is easy on your body when you have a running related injury!

My official photographer Tom was on lifeguard duty too!

Monday could not come soon enough and I was in the office waiting for my appointment with many minutes to spare.  Jude checked everything out and said my left quad had very strong muscle tone, which meant my right leg was not nearly as injured as he first thought.  My healing has gone way better than expected and he gave me a full treatment including heating, ultrasound, kneading (that was really painful) and icing.  I am due back tomorrow for round two and hopefully I will be lacing up my running shoes later this week. Have you dealt with an injury lately?  How did you handle the lack of exercise?

August 12, 2013

Healthy Meals 009: Homemade Pasta Sauce with Garden Grown Vegetables

Our garden this summer has given us a huge amount of tomatoes as well as many peppers and herbs.  After filling several baskets of tomatoes, Tom thought it would be great to make our own pasta sauce. Our six tomato plants include Better Boy, Big Boy, Roma, plum and cherry tomatoes and all were included in the sauce!

A small sampling

Here is our recipe, altered from several we looked at online:
green peppers
garlic (I used 3 cloves), minced
Italian seasoning
olive oil
tomato paste

The first step is to blanch the tomatoes, then peel and seed them.  Tom did this step and frankly I have no idea how.  He was busy for a couple hours in the kitchen getting a huge amount of tomatoes prepared so I could do the easy part of the recipe!

The next step is chopping all the vegetables.  While this takes a little time, it is simple and can be done in advance of making the sauce. The vegetables are put into a medium size saucepan and sauteed in a 1/4 cup of olive oil. While the vegetables softened, I put small amounts of tomatoes in the blender and blended them on medium speed for about 15 seconds.  Those were immediately transferred to a large cooking pot where I soon added the vegetable mixture and a few tablespoons of Italian seasoning. I also added three cans of tomato paste to thicken the sauce.  The sauce simmered for approximately 2 hours.

We did test this a few times and added a bit more Italian seasoning

For dinner that night, we served the sauce over store bought spinach and kale ravioli and it was very tasty. The best part is the leftovers!  I managed to freeze all of these containers for future use.  While the sauce took alot of time, it was fun trying something new with our homegrown vegetables!

Yay for leftovers!

Have you tried to make anything special with your garden vegetables or herbs?

August 11, 2013

Weekly Roundup: August 11th

What a week!  Christine started her week with 6 miles of running last Sunday and completed her longest run ever yesterday, 17 miles.  Her weekly total was also the most ever at 32 miles.  Most people will only drive that distance!

Paddy is good for a pre run snuggle!

Pam's week started off great with some good cross training and several good runs on Monday and Wednesday.  Sadly an injury to her right quad muscle at TRX class on Thursday has made the last few days quiet ones.  However, the quad seems to be improving and a trip to PT on Monday afternoon will hopefully give some good results.

Lots of icing to help heal the quad muscle!
Of course the week was not a total failure for Pam since she got to enjoy one of these and not even at a Disney Park or resort!

So lucky to the Freshberry 2 miles from the house.

Here is a summary of our week!

Sunday, August 4th
Pam: rest day
Christine: 6 miles around neighborhood

Monday, August 5th
Pam: ran hilly golf course 5.25 miles 9.20 pace
Christine: 30 min stationary bike, leg weights

Tuesday, August 6th
Pam: 1500 meters rowing, 30 minute eliptical, 1 hr. Yoga class
Christine: 4 miles running, pace unknown (no watch!)

Wednesday, August 7th
Pam: Ran 4.30 miles
Christine: 30 min stationary bike, leg weights, abs

Thursday, August 8th
Pam: Injured at TRX after about 10 minutes!
Christine: 5 miles with each mile descending, plus 1/2 mile cool down

Friday, August 9th
Pam:  Rest day
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, August 10th
Pam:  Rest day
Christine: 17

Hope you had a great week!  Let us know if you raced or have any special accomplishment with your training!

August 9, 2013

Not your average run

The other night started like any other...oh wait, not at all.  It was a unique August evening.  I was home from work a bit earlier than normal and it was a breezy 68 degrees.  I was downright chilly when I walked out of work and immediately made the decision to run outside, going against the grain of my normal summer routine, which typically dictated a treadmill run after work to avoid the brutal heat.

So there was that and then when I got dressed, I realized my Garmin screen was blank.   I tried a few techniques for getting that puppy to turn on and no dice.  Time was ticking away and I was anxious to hit the pavement so I told myself I would run "naked", aka sans mileage and pace tracking device.

It was nice to bee-bop out the front door and not loiter around waiting for a silly satellite connection.  Instead, I jogged down the driveway and into the road, immediately noticing that my left wrist felt "light."  The strange thing was that I felt lighter too.  I was much more relaxed, mentally speaking as I couldn't monitor my pace like I normally do every nanosecond (ok, not quite but sometimes it seems like it).  I made more mental notes about my surroundings and cleared my head.  I did wonder how long or fast I was running but I tried to tune out those voices.  I ran the speed and distance that felt refreshing!

Have you ever run "naked"?  Did you enjoy it?

August 8, 2013

My Journey to 26.2: The Long Runs (007)

A few weeks ago, I ran my longest run ever. Like since I was born, ever. Kind of crazy when you think about it. I was surprised with how well I handled it, mentally speaking. My legs felt like lead bricks for the last 2-3 miles but that was ok. I just kept moving. 3 more miles, 2 more miles, 1 more mile, 0.1 more….the mileage ticked down slowly but surely. And when it was all over, my legs and feet ached but the sense of pride that I felt was unparalleled.

I keep thinking about the fact that every time I head out for a long run, this will be the case…that is, it will be the longest I’ve ever run. This weekend, I tackle 17, and then 19 and then 20 and then 21 and then 23-24. Those are miles, as in the unit of measure we use for cars and other automobiles. When I think about it, I concurrently feel dread and excitement. These miles will likely include some pain and fatigue (both mental and physical), but after conquering 15 with a smile, I’m ready.

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked through a distance record for long training runs – not since training for the 2011 Princess Half Marathon, have I been in this spot. But it was time. I’m ready for the challenge and look forward to sharing more as I start to tick off higher mileage.

Any tips for these long runs?

August 7, 2013

A giveaway just in time for an upcoming runDisney trip!

When packing for a trip to Walt Disney World or the Disneyland resort, the usual items are included on your list such as sneakers, shorts, tee shirts and the like.  But when the trip involves running and racing through the parks a whole different list for packing is put in place.  Many bloggers have shared their packing lists and one list in particular from Jenn at Eat, Sleep Run Disney is the one I use for my trips.  I have added some things that are necessary for my comfort and aid during the race weekend too.

My closet shelves have started to accumulate the necessities for our upcoming trip and during my recent trip to London, I found a really cute item at the Primark store on Regent Street!  These little cosmetic bags are perfect for small items like Road ID, Garmin watch and charger, IPod, extra safety pins, etc.

My new cosmetic bag!
When flying to Disney for races, I have always been a carry on only girl. However, packing can get a bit tricky when the trip is for more than four days and a flight is involved. Our upcoming trip to Disneyland for the Dumbo Challenge is a five night stay, so a tiny duffel and back pack will not be enough.  I finally decided on my small rolling duffel that can be carried on for my flight from Atlanta to the Orange County Airport. Carry on for me is a stress reliever and that is important when I am traveling and it involves several flights to reach my destination. Be sure to have all your necessary race day items in your carry on should you decide to check your luggage.  It is easy to replace shorts and tee shirts, but all those items that are needed for your race (s) would be much more difficult to purchase.

Now for the fun part!  I bought a few extra Minnie cosmetic bags and we are giving one away!  Who would like this for their upcoming trip to Disneyland or any other Disney trip?  And you may find an extra goodie or two in your case! Use the link below to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
 How do you pack for these trips?  Do you pack light and carry on too?

August 6, 2013

Training Tuesday: August Core Focus Challenge

Kat at Sneakers and Fingerpaints is offering a  August Core Focus Challenge.  This runs for the month of August, and each day Kat offers a new exercise to work on your core.  August first was the day for a bridge pose which is something I have done many times in Yoga class.  Each day has something new for your daily core workout which every one of us can use during swimsuit season!

Bridge pose from day 1 and yes, any pose is easier with a kiss from Lulu!

 Days 3 and 4 included a straight arm plank and a bent arm plank.  My recent dedication to twice a week yoga made the planks an easy pose for me.  Hard to believe that a year ago I would have barely gotten to 45 seconds on any type of plank.  Today, Day 5 was a variation on plank with a knee to elbow lift.  I took this one outside since we finally had a beautiful day here and it just sounded fun to try this move poolside!

Knee to Elbow, Day 5

There is still time to join Kat's #AugustCoreFocus.  Sign up on her blog and join in the fun.  Have you ever done a month long internet challenge?

August 4, 2013

Weekly Roundup: August 4th

This week brought some challenges with Christine running her first ever 15 mile training run and Pam running 4 days including both speed work and a tough tempo run.  The heat and humidity have not dissipated, so it continues to be difficult to train outside.   Our Sunday run in Chesapeake, VA was quite a toasty one and we even made a stop at the local Starbucks to refill our water bottles!  The girls there are always accommodating and it is nice to know that is an option should Christine need a refill!  However, we both keep thinking that once we arrive in California the humidity should be minimal and the temperature should be better than what we are dealing with in North  Carolina and Virginia.

Details here!

This week our blog posts focused on the upcoming Disney races that we are so excited about, the Dumbo Challenge which includes the Inaugural Disneyland 10k and the Disneyland Half Marathon.  With race instructions now available on the runDisney website, the anticipation is growing as we count down the days until we fly to California.  In the meantime, both of us had very productive training weeks that included the following workouts:

Sunday, July, 28th
Pam: 11 miles in 1:58
Christine: 15 miles in 2:43

Monday, July 29th
Pam: Rest day
Christine: Rest day

Tuesday, July 30th
Pam: 4.15 mile tempo run
Christine: 4.5 miles total, 1/2 mile warm-up followed by 3 miles of hill ladder and a mile cool down

Wednesday, July 30th
Pam: bike ride, 45 minutes
Christine: Rest day

Thursday, July 31st
Pam:  speed work 6 X 800 total 5.55 miles
Christine: 3 mile run (cut short from knee pain)

Friday, August 1st
Pam: sculpt class
Christine: 30 min stationary bike, leg weights, stretching

Saturday, August 2nd
Pam: 6 mile run
Christine: 4 mile run at 4:1 intervals, stretching, foam rolling

How was your week?  Is it still really hot where you live?

August 3, 2013

Top Ten Reasons to Be Excited about the Dumbo Challenge!

When preparing for a big race weekend, there are lots of things to be excited about.  I made a list in my mind while running this week and thought I would share it with you!

10.  A trip to Disneyland, Walt Disney's park!


9.  Dole Whip at the Tiki Bar

Dole Whip float at Magic Kingdom!

8.  World of Color

7.  Cathay Circle Restaurant  Jenn at Eat, Sleep, RunDisney recommended this restaurant and we can't wait to celebrate here after our races are done!

6.  Fun Races with costumes! Still keeping those a secret!

5.  Seeing / meeting all our fanatic runDisney running friends!  Can't wait to meet so many people we have interacted with during the months leading up to race weekend.

4.  Park visits! We bought 4 day park hoppers and plan to cover everything!

3.  Race Expo and shopping! We tend to get in trouble at the Expos, but our credit cards love it!

The runDisney clothes are a big weakness of ours!

2.  A fun weekend with Christine! And Yes, we look forward to riding Dumbo!

1.  Lots of bling:  Dumbo Medal Trio plus Coast to Coast!  We may need a neck realignment after wearing these beauties around the parks!

We love all three, especially the Dumbo medal!

What are you excited about for the race weekend at Disneyland?