August 17, 2013

KT Tape Giveaway

The last couple of months I've really struggled with a nagging knee issue. On one desperate day, I dug out my old knee brace for some additional support. After posting an Instagram photo to Twitter, lots of people mentioned KT Tape. After looking at their website, I learned that one of my local drug stores sells the pro (which is in pre-cut strips and is supposed to have better adhesive).

Fast forward a few months later and I’m a convert of this magical tape that seems to help keep my knee pain at bay. I have settled on the total knee support configuration for my left knee. I also have been taping the night before my long runs – it seems to stay adhered to my skin a bit better. My only wish is that I didn't blow through it so quickly!

And now for the exciting part! The awesome folks at KT Tape have graciously agreed to provide two of our readers with a roll of the pro tape. Use the Rafflecopter below to enter and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I’m not a health professional so cannot speak to any scientific benefits of the product.


  1. I love using KT Tape-plus all the pretty colours makes it feel less like medical strapping tape, and more like a fun running accessory.

  2. I don't have a Twitter account. I have been taping my left knee for long runs and it seems to help too. It's easy to blow through the stuff, when there are only 20 strips per roll, and you need 3 of them for each time you tape. Love the stuff. I wish they had it when I was an athletic trainer in college.

  3. I was skeptical when I first heard about KT tape, but after using it a few times, I am a convert!! They have great videos on how to apply the tape on their website!

  4. I go through quite a bit of it in the Fall for my long runs and IT Band recovery.

    1. I go through quite a bit of it in the Fall for my long runs and IT Band recovery.

  5. I'd love to try KT tape, I've never really had a need for it, but recently my knee has been bother me a bit on my long runs!

  6. I have not tried KT tape yet, but I would really like to!

  7. Oooh, I too have a recurring knee issue... I wonder if this would help...