August 14, 2013

My Niece Ran the Falmouth Road Race!

On Sunday, my niece Emily ran the Falmouth Road Race. The weather was beautiful with mid 70's temperature and low humidity with plenty of sunshine.  The race is from Woods Hole, MA to Falmouth Heights and the course travels three miles through a narrow wooded area followed by four miles along the coast with absolutely gorgeous scenery to keep you entertained!  Having spent many summers on Cape Cod and specifically, West Falmouth, I can only imagine how fun this race would be for the runners!
Near the finish line!
On Friday, my brother John and Emily hit the Expo in the afternoon to pick up the race bib and accompanying swag bag.
Race Expo pickup
This photo is for Erica, Emily's big sister who works for Penske!
Emily was lucky to get a spot in the race because a week prior to the race, 350 spots were opened and she was one of the fortunate ones to register quickly.  Unable to use an Ipod on race day, it left her free to pour water on her head and turn into a human sponge (her words)!  There were wonderful crowds of people cheering, some blasting stereos, playing instruments and some giving out oranges.  It made for a very festive atmosphere. She is hoping to run this race again in the future, having enjoyed running with so many talented athletics with such amazing views along the course.

Looking good on race day and finished with a time of 1:06.10
Thanks for sharing your experience, Emily!

Have you ever run a local race deep with traditions?


  1. Glad to hear Emily enjoyed this race too, I LOVED it!

  2. I hope to run next year Danielle and hopefully Christine too!

  3. Congrats to Emily! We have a local race in my home town every fall and through out the years someone in my family usually participates. I guess that has become some what of a tradition. My sister Lacey won first in her age division last year.