August 18, 2013

Weekly Roundup: August 18th

On this day in two weeks we will be earning these beauties and our coast to coast medals!  Training has been going really well for Christine and Pam is coming back from her quad injury.
The Dumbo Challenge Trio

Swimming became the alternative training method to keep my cardio fitness in good shape.  The weather has been mostly rainy but who cares when you are swimming!
This was my one sunny day for swimming, Sunday!
Besides training, we had some fun this week making more plans for our trip to California and Disneyland.  There will be some surprises in store for some of our friends so keep up with our Facebook and twitter (@werundisney) pages so you catch the details!

Countdown to Marine Corps Marathon!
Christine is only a few months away from her first marathon and continues to increase her mileage and speed.  I can't wait to run the Dopey Challenge with her in January, when we can run our first marathon together. Here's our week in review:

Sunday, August 11th
Pam: Swam 40 laps
Christine: Reveled in completing longest run to date (17 miles) on Saturday!  Oh, and I walked 3 miles on the beach

Monday, August 12th
Pam: Physical Therapy
Christine: 30 minutes elliptical, abs, stretching, foam rolling

Tuesday, August 13th
Pam: Swam 30 laps, 1 hour Yoga class
Christine: Speed work - 1/2 mile warm up, 2 x 1200, 3 x 800, 1/2 mile cool down for total of 4.5 miles

Wednesday, August 14th
Pam: Rest day
Christine: Rest day

Thursday, August 15th
Pam: 1 hour Yoga class, physical therapy
Christine: 2 mile run (cut short by some intense back pain), 2 mile walk, abs

Friday, August 16th
Pam: Swam 40 laps
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, August 17th
Pam: 1 mile run and 1/2 mile walk, plank, stretching
Christine: 6 mile treadmill run, abs, stretching

 How was your week?  Are you preparing for a special race?


  1. You ladies are doing awesome!!! Wish I was earning that Dumbo bling with you!

    1. Thanks Mindy. Wish you were going too so we could meet!

  2. So impressed!! I have quite a few friends running the Dopey Challenge. I just can't seem to go further than 13.1 miles. It just hurts my body.

    1. Thanks Jenny. It is not that hard as long as you stick to a training plan. You definitely could do it!

  3. I can't believe it's two weeks away!!! I'm freaking out!