September 24, 2013

A new kind of race...with zombies!

A few months ago, one of my coworkers started asking around if people were interested in signing up to run a Zombie race in October.  Immediately, I jumped at the opportunity!  I figured it would be a fantastic way to bond with a bunch of my workers and experience another type of race.  After reading about others' experiences at similar events, I was sold.  Not to mention it would be a great way to usher in spook season!

I did a little more research on the company leading the event next month - Walkers 4 Wishes.  The event benefits The Ride for a Wish Foundation and also Toby's Dream Foundation....both of these organizations are aimed at providing wishes for children with debilitating or terminal illnesses.  The crazy part...I worked with Toby from Toby's Dream.  We sat 2 cubicles away and I even attended his funeral when he died far too soon at the young age of 29.  I vividly remember all of Toby's service for organizations aimed at fulfilling wishes for children...and I seem to remember a child or two making their way to our workplace to take in the large ships.  What a crazy, small world.  So this was another reason for me to get on board with this event.  Not to mention that every penny raised will go to the charity beneficiaries.  Awesome stuff!

So anyways back to the event.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with a zombie run, it's similar to any other 5k with obstacles, except there are also zombies who will try to steal your "life", aka flags on a belt, similar to flag football.  It is a timed event, but I highly doubt I will be running for time, especially since I have a 22 mile training run on tap for that morning!

And there are the celebrity appearances from Walking Dead!  I don't watch the show, but I know everyone and their brother does...Madison Lintz from the show will be there as will Russell Hantz from Survivor.  Pretty cool for a local race!

I'm really looking forward to participating in this event, especially with the connection to my former colleague, Toby.

To find out more check out their Facebook page.  And if you'll be out there, let me know.  I'll high five you as I blaze past the zombies!



  1. What a great cause! You are right, i think everybody and their brother does watch Walking Dead, except for me! We have a few zombie races coming up in this area too but I am still a little intimidated by the fact that someone will be trying to run after me! Can't wait to hear how it goes! ~M

  2. Gah! The cause is great but I would wet myself if a zombie started chasing me! I am terrified of them, even if I know it isn't real.

  3. Zombie races are so much fun! I did one awhile back but I was the zombie!! It was so much fun chasing the runners lol!

  4. Sounds scary fun! I hope they bring one to Utah!