September 14, 2013

Disneyland Half Marathon Recap

We left off our Dumbo Double Dare Challenge with our recap of the Disneyland 10k.  On Sunday morning, we were in for day two and the second part of the challenge - the Disneyland Half Marathon. We planned to run this race for time and had high hopes for a PR.  The weather was predicted to be hot, so that was definitely a concern for running a fast race.
Tweedle Mom and Tweedle Daughter ready to go!
We headed down to the corrals at about 4:45ish.  It was an easy walk from the Disneyland Hotel and we avoided the traffic jam of runners unlike the previous day.
Tweedle Mom headed to corral A!
We made it into our corral and bumped into a few friends, sharing nervous energy (like every starting line!) and some smiles.  One of my favorite things about Disney races is seeing our buddies - loved seeing Krissy and Lisa.  We took a quick port-a-potty break and then headed back to line up.  Given that we were in corral A, we decided to line up toward the back, knowing that we didn't want to be near the front with all of the speed demons!

A few moments later, we were off onto the streets of Anaheim for our first few miles.  Knowing we were both looking for a PR, I was in charge of keeping us on pace in the beginning of the race.  The first mile was very congested so we sort of kept pace with those around us.  We waved to Danielle and headed into California Adventure.  I never get tired of running through the parks in the early morning before they're open - it truly is magical.  After California Adventure, we were off to Disneyland...and quite possibly the best part of the race - running down Main Street!  

By this point, we were getting onto pace for our goal time, but I could tell Mom was having a bit of trouble.  We headed over an overpass and she urged me to go ahead.  I told her that the Tweedles stick together...and besides, I'd much prefer to run together!  Soon, we were back onto the streets of Anaheim with mariachi bands, Spanish dancers, tons of marching bands, and gazillions of glittery cheerleaders.  As a somewhat related aside, we were a huge hit with the cheerleaders - we got lots of shout outs which was really fun and a great pick-me-up as the fatigue of the latter half of the race set in. 

Around mile 9, I started to really struggle.  Luckily mom tends to be a second half runner so she took over as pace car.  Running through Angels Stadium was just as awesome as I expected.  The Girl and Boy Scouts cheering was amazing.  Very cool element on the course!

Pretty soon, we started approaching Disneyland property.  We saw the Disneyland exit sign on the highway and I started getting excited...not only for the end of the race but to be back on property.  Mom started pushing the pace a bit and I found a little get-up-and-go in my legs.  As we neared the finish, the crowds increased and so did my morale.  We noticed Sean Astin with Kelly and Mindy and managed to run just behind them down the stretch toward the finish.  Bonus - there was confetti still falling as we crossed the finish after Sean crossed - totally cool!   
Wish they had captured both of us in the frame!
No matter how many times I cross a finish line, I'm always thrilled.  This time was no different, save a little nausea that I was feeling.  We got our bling and made our way through the shoot, pausing to talk to a reporter from the Orange County Register briefly (apparently we made it into print, but I'm waiting to get a copy of the article!).  

The hardware is pretty amazing!

This was an amazing race weekend and so fun to complete Disney's inaugural challenge event!  19.3 miles through Disney parks and surrounding areas is pretty fantastic.  It was also a good warm-up for Dopey Challenge in January....and proved that I have much work to do to get prepared for that race.  
19.3 miles and 4 medals...not bad!
Without a doubt, this ranks as one of my favorite runDisney race experiences.  The "newness" of running in Disneyland was extra magical for me!



  1. I LOVE your costumes!! What a great race recap-I had fun reading it :)
    I also love the retro Disney signage-is that the way it is at Disneyland or was for the Dumbo race-it looks really cool!

  2. You guys are amazing! Love your costumes and love that you did so well! Congratulations!

  3. The two of you look so cute!!!! Congratulations!!!

  4. Love your costumes! You guys ran past me at one point but I didn't realize it was you until you were too far away. And I was too tired to catch up :(

  5. So glad I saw you guys run by (you know, because I was stalking you all weekend!). Congrats again on the PR!

  6. Great pictures and recap! Those medals are adorable!

  7. Congrats on the PR! And getting to cross the finish line while the confetti was still going...that must have been so great!

  8. YAY! Love this recap and love that you had a great experience <3