September 11, 2013

Running Genes: My Speedy Sisters!

Anyone who follows our blog knows that we (Christine and I) have only been running a few years.  While I was in my late 20's, I was living across the country from my family deep in the heart of Texas due to a job transfer for Tom.  My ability to keep up with my family was limited due to the high cost of long distance calls and no Internet or easy way to communicate.  During this time period, both of my sisters were involved in running and while I knew that fact, until very recently, I had no idea how fast they were!
Post-race and Alison is wearing her Boston shirt!
Here is just a little glimpse into what they accomplished, during their time running races.  My sister Alison ran the Boston Marathon in the late 1970's (could not remember year) in a time of 3:35.  She also accompanied Christine and me to Walt Disney World in February 2011 for her first race in over 25 years.  She had pretty much given up running, but Christine talked her into running the Princess Half Marathon and we were so excited to see her results.  Not only did she run a fantastic time (1:54), but she killed her age group finishing in first by over 7 minutes.  Since then, a bad foot has kept her from being able to run with regularity, but she did join us again this year and placed 5th despite very little training.

My sister Chris (Christine's namesake) has always been very athletic having excelled at field hockey and golf while in high school.  Whenever she tried a new sport, she dug in her heels and figured out a way to be one of the best on the field, golf course, track or wherever the competition was held.  Running was no different and she ran her first marathon in DC, the Marine Corps Marathon on November 5, 1978.  She had been in a boot just 10 weeks prior to the race due to a foot injury.  However, she managed to run Marine Corps in 3:19.45 qualifying for the Boston marathon at the age of 28.  Unable to run Boston the next year, she ran two more marathons, both in San Diego in the late 1970's, and her best finish there was 3:05.
Marine Corps Marathon, November 1978
Lady Equitable Foot Race, March 1978
So, what has happened to me you might ask?  My running genes are not in the neighborhood with my sisters, but I still have the drive and work ethic to make progress.  I love hearing their race stories now that I am running races with regularity and just today, Alison agreed to run a race in Boston with me in October.  Now I need to find a race and date that work for both of us! Thankfully we are in different age category, because sibling rivalry still lives!

Do you have relatives that run?


  1. My family runs too- but not like yours! lol None of us are fast, but we all get out there. How fun! Was Alison at Tink this year? She looks familiar!

  2. Wow, those are amazing stories! It will be neat to see Christine go back and run the MCM like your sister Christine!
    My dad ran track in high school and college, his brother (my uncle) has run MCM for the past 10 years. Not too many runners in my family but hopefully I'll inspire a few more to run :)
    Love the photos!
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  3. My sister is doing Wine & Dine with me in November as her first half marathon and I can certainly say nothing makes you run faster than a sister on your tail. Best speedwork ever.

  4. None of my family runs, but what a fun flashback!

  5. Looks like Christine got lucky and inherited some great runnng genes!


  6. I've tried to get my sister to run, but she is very adamant about her "I hate running" mindset. I did get my dad to run his first half marathon last year at the W&D! And I've definitely drafted my husband into it to (he enjoyed walking around the parks with his 10K medal, but a little jealous of my 3 from Dumbo lol). You may not be in the same genetic "neighborhood" as your sisters, but I would gladly take your running genes over mine any day! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing! I love hearing the background stories! I'm the only runner in my family by a long shot. But I did however talk my younger sister into running a 5K with me this summer and she did great - first in her age category! I'm hoping she's hooked since she'd make a great running partner for a runDisney race! :)

  8. My sister will be running her first half marathon over marathon weekend at Disney. She's a 4-to-5 mile runner, four or five times a week, so getting herself ready for her first half shouldn't be too big a challenge for her.

    Her husband, Mike, is an Ironman triathlete (the 140.6 kind), and he's going to be going Goofy in January...running the half with my sister and the full with me (although, like your sister, he's fast and will leave both of us in the dust...but he'll be waiting at the finish).

    And don't sell yourself short, Pam...2:02 is an excellent HM time. Although I've done a 13-mile training run, my first official half is the Wine and Dine, and I already know that 2:02 isn't in the cards this time around...and it has nothing to do with character pictures. I won't stop for any, and I know 2:02 isn't in my future (yet). :)

  9. I love this and I think it's so neat you have a relative that's run Boston! She is SO fast!! I do have a brother, but he doesn't run. He's very athletic but doesn't like to run...(we've tried)!

  10. Wow-those muscles in your sister's legs!! I first started running about a year ago (after many years of inactivity) using a couch to 5k program. My middle sister, from another town, did it with me and we kept up virtually. She didn't take it any further but I'm glad we were able to do that together-thanks to modern technology!