September 15, 2013

Weekly Roundup: September 15th

It is always a bit tough to get back into the swing of working out after vacation. A nutty, busy week at work for Christine and travel and ensuing illness for Pam were additional contributors. The good news is that the temperatures continue to drop which will make for great weather for outdoor runs.

Sunday, September 8th
Pam:  25 minutes eliptical, 1200 meters rowing, weights
Christine: 1 mile easy run, 30 min elliptical, abs, weights

Monday, September 9th
Pam: Speedwork  10 X 400 average pace 7:41 total 5 miles
Christine: 2 hours heavy cleaning (this seems like cross training to me!)

Tuesday, September 10th
Pam:  30 minutes bike, weights, Bosu ball, walked 3 mile trail
Christine: 4.5 mile run with hills on treadmill

Wednesday, September 11th
Pam:  tempo run  4 miles 36 minutes
Christine: Rest

Thursday, September 12th
Pam: flu
Christine: 3.5 mile run outside

Friday, September 13th
Pam:  flu
Christine: Rest day

Saturday, September 14th
Pam:  flu
Christine: 1.5 mile run, 30 min (5 mi) bike ride outside, stretching

How was your week?


  1. On to the next race after Disneyland - nice job ladies!

  2. Great job ladies!!! I hope you're feeling better Pam!