September 1, 2013

Weekly Roundup - September 1st

It's been a really busy week for us as traveled to California for the Dumbo Double Dare.  Today is the second race, the Disneyland Half Marathon following our 10k race today.  The weather has been unseasonably hot and humid, so it has made running a challenge.  We will have full recaps coming in the next week, but for now, here is a glimpse of one of our photos from the Expo!

Sunday, August 25th
Pam: 45 minute bike ride outside
Christine: 30 min stationary bike, leg weights, abs, stretching

Monday, August 26th
Pam: 5 mile run
Christine: 4.5 miles, increasing pace each mile

Tuesday, August 27th
Pam: bike ride 30 minutes, weights
Christine: 25 min walk, stretching

Wednesday, August 28th
Pam: 4 mile easy run
Christine: 3 mi easy run on treadmill, stretching

Thursday, August 29th
Pam: Travel day, walk around the parks
Christine: Travel day; walk around the parks

Friday, August 30th
Pam: Walk around the parks
Christine: Walk around the parks

Saturday, August 31st
Pam: Disneyland 10k!
Christine: Disneyland 10k!


  1. I love those 10k medals, I hope they are a sign of how cool the GSC ones will be. Have fun and stay hydrated!

  2. Super adorable! I hope you ladies had a wonderful time!

  3. I hope you ladies are having a great time in Disneyland! I love all the pictures and updates :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun