October 1, 2013

31: A year in review

Tomorrow is my birthday and so I guess that means that today marks the end of my 31st year.  On the whole it has been a very good year.  While I was running around today trying to take care of some errands and chores, I started thinking about what I've done this year.  I'm definitely the goal-setting/reflective type, so this is sort of normal for me.  The last year of my twenties, I put together a 'thirty before thirty' bucket list, which also happened to be the catalyst for my running career.  But I digress...here is a list of my favorite 31 things about this past year.
Celebrating my birthday last year
1. I ran all year...this is the first year that I've kept up my training and interest in the sport.
2. I shared another Princess Half Marathon with my mom and aunt.
3. I PR'ed the half marathon distance 5 times (Wine and Dine Half, WDW Half, Shamrock Half, Dismal Swamp Stomp Half, and Disneyland Half).
4. I learned how to run a race for fun.
5. I took a few chances...in running and in life.  Some paid off and some didn't.
6. I finally signed up for a marathon, that I will conquer next year!
7. I ran a big PR in the 5k distance en route to a second place age group award.

7. I made lots of amazing friends through running communities, virtual and otherwise.
8. I explored some new places while running through them - Atlanta, Charlotte, and Anaheim.
10. I ran a new distance at the Virginia is for Lovers 14k.
11. I chatted with Bart Yasso during the Shamrock Half - totally awesome!
12. I was lucky enough to get to participate in some fantastic runDisney meet ups!

13. I PR'ed the 10k distance at the Elizabeth River Run...by 10 minutes!
14. I learned to love trail running and get out of my comfort zone a bit.
15. I mastered my pre-race taper and fuel plan.
16. I brought up the rear in our family running of the Thanksgiving day Toys for Tots 8k (Mom and Dad both beat me...and won age group awards!).
17. I ran my farthest distance ever...in a single run, in a week, in a month!

I ran a bunch of new events...
18. Peachtree Road Race, which proved to be a ridiculously fantastic fun time!
19. Dumbo Double Dare, my first race challenge.
20. WDW Half at marathon weekend.
21. Shamrock Half Marathon, which is a huge local race.
22. A mud run!  With one of my dearest friends...
23. Was a running buddy in two Girls on the Run events.

And in non-running related things...
24. I started a new project at work with a better commute and am lucky enough to work with some great people and fabulous clients.
25. I ate some cupcakes.
26. I watched as one of my dearest friends was married last fall and was lucky enough to take part in their special ceremony.
27. Another dear friend welcomed a sweet baby boy this summer.
28. I decorated my house in pink and gold for Christmas last year.
29. I finally found some skinny jeans that work for me...with hearts!  Swoon!
30. I grew out my hair and worked on amping up my work wardrobe with fun shoes and accessories.
31. I was lucky enough to get to share my love for my alma mater's engineering program through their admissions volunteer program.

Cheers to another fabulous year!


  1. Sounds like an amazing year :) Happy early birthday!

  2. I love this, Christine!! Happy early birthday! I hope this year is your best yet! Pink and Gold Christmas...I LOVE! I bet it was adorable! :0)

    1. Thanks Karen! Yea, it was fun, but required lots of trips to Michaels

  3. I turned 31 back in May and kinda had a similar "lots of good things happening" moment. I also started running as a before 30 thing (ran my first 1/2 - the Princess- a few months before I turned 30). Congrats on all your have accomplished and will continue to accomplish! Keep up the great work! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

    1. How awesome! In forever grateful for that dumb list that got me running. :)

  4. What a great year Christine!!! I wish you a very magical birthday tomorrow!!!

  5. You did a LOT of great things this year girl! Happy early birthday!

  6. Such great accomplishments in your 31st year! I'm sure I will say this again tomorrow, but Happy Birthday!

  7. Christine, sounds like it has been a fantastic year!! You should be so proud of yourself. I love this self-reflection. Happpy Early Birthday!!!

  8. What an awesome year! Happy early birthday! You rock!

  9. Happy birthday! What a great way to reflect on an awesome year!