October 12, 2013

My Jams (005): Marathon Anthems

When you train for a marathon, there's a lot of time with your head.  I prefer to listen to music while I run, especially for the long runs.  I've gone through quite a few playlists as I've cranked up the mileage, but several songs have remained on each and every one.  I've fondly dubbed these my anthems as they always seem to pump me up and get me through the next mile.

1. Trick Daddy - Let's Go: A good pump up song...sort of like a more modern jock jams.

2. AC/DC - Thunderstruck: I dare you to play this song and not want to go run your fastest mile ever.  How can you not?  The beat is electric and honestly, there aren't many AC/DC songs that don't get me pumped up!

3. Kevin Rudolf - Let it Rock: This used to be the intro song for one of my favorite shows, 24.  I've always loved this song and the lyrics.  How can you not love lines like "Because when I arrive, I'll bring the fire"  That gets you pumped, right?!

4. Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (Techno Remix by Valentin...the long version): I've never been a big Christina fan, but this remix is awesome.  And the message in the song is so positive, you can't help but feel good.  During my last 20 mile training run, I'm pretty sure this was on repeat for the last 2+ miles.

5. Chris Brown (featuring Benny Benassi) - Beautiful People: I went through a phase of going to Zumba twice a week a few years ago and this was our warm up song.  I simply love it and can play it on repeat until the charge runs out of a device.

Ok, so what else should I add to my playlist for *the marathon*???  I'm getting excited and a bit nervous!



  1. These are all great choices! My running playlists definitely have more old school songs on them than current songs - they have a better beat and help me keep my pace up. These are both throwbacks, but I love running to both Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" and C+C Music Factory's "Gonna Make You Sweat." Part of these choices might be because of the dancer in me, but I always make sure that they're on the playlist whenever I make a new one.

  2. Imagine Dragons - On Top of the World

  3. Trick Daddy's "Let's Go" is the first song on my run playlist! Great minds think alike, right? :) I really like running to Avicii's "Levels" the Skrillex Remix version and with the same beat/music I also like Flo Rida's "Good Feeling".

  4. I love just about the whole soundtrack to Rocky IV. Most of it is on my running mix.

  5. Michael Jackson- Billie Jean, don't stop until you get enough, ABC
    Journey's don't stop believing
    Stevie wonder don't you worry about a thing
    Howard Jones things can only get better. :)

  6. Harder, better, faster, stronger- daft punk, totally inspires me when I start feeling low in a run
    and karmin's acapella has an awesome beat, helps to keep me on pace if I'm slowing down :)

  7. I'm an hour away from finishing my MCM playlist - it's fun!