October 19, 2013

Spectating Marine Corps Marathon

As you all know, I've been training hard for my very first marathon which takes place next Sunday!  For those of you that live in DC and plan to spectate in person and for those spectating from afar, there are loads of amazing resources from the Marine Corps Marathon team to help you figure this out.

1. Runner Tracking: You can receive updates on a runner at 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k and finish via text, email, Facebook or Twitter.  It's free!

2. Download the Mobile App: Marine Corps Marathon has developed an app with everything you need in one place.  It's FREE and available in iphone and android platforms.  Search for "Marine Corps Marathon" in your app store.

3. Spectator Pace Calculator: If you know your runners anticipated pace, you can get a sense of what time they will arrive at various viewing spots.

4. Recommended Viewing Locations: There are 5 recommended viewing locations, that are all accessible via metro, as follows...
    - Viewing Spot 1: Starting Line
    - Viewing Spot 2: Lincoln Memorial at mile 11
    - Viewing Spot 3: Smithsonian Museums at miles 18-19
    - Viewing Spot 4: Crystal City at miles 22-23
    - Viewing Spot 5: Finish line at Marine Corps War Memorial

5. Video Footage: Available at csnwashington.com.  

6. Course Map: The updated course map is available online and has interactive features to identify aid stations, landmarks and the like.  I would highly recommend you print a copy to stuff in your pocket - the printable version includes metro stations as well.

7. Family Link Up Area: There is a family reunion area at the Finish Festival so you can easily reunite with your runner.  The map of the Finish Festival is available here.

If you've spectated the Marine Corps Marathon before, would love to hear your tips!


  1. I really need to sort through all of these resources for my mom so she has some idea of what the heck she is doing during the race! I feel like I should put together an itinerary for her! Thanks for sharing, can't wait!

  2. I'm so excited for you. Christine!

  3. Best of luck Christine. You will totally ROCK this!
    Kimberley :)