October 9, 2013

The Walkers 5k Zombie Race Recap

This past Saturday I participated in The Walkers 5k, a zombie-filled obstacle 5k.  It was an awesome event and I cannot begin to tell you how much fun I had!  This was sort of like my mud run experience - totally new and different and all about having fun.  Let me tell you, this race did not disappoint!

I ran with 3 other coworkers in a team of 4.  Our team name was "Don't Eat Me" and surprisingly, I was not our team captain, which was a-okay with me.  After being out of town and taking some time away from the office, I wasn't exactly connected so was so happy someone else handled all of the coordination.  Our group was 2 guys and 2 girls, all of whom are relatively athletic and I quickly learned, interesting in rocking this race!

We arrived at the race location (a nursery/farm) in southern Chesapeake at about 2:00.  Our wave was at 3:30 so we had ample time to find parking, get checked in and start figuring out the layout of the race.  We were easily able to find the check-in area and got our bibs and goodie bag.  I was a bit surprised by the swag - a water bottle, koozie, pen and a small swiss army-style knife.  And then the shirts are pretty great too.  I will actually wear this and they had small sizes - score!
The back of the shirt...guess I need to start watching Walking Dead, huh?
We got our bibs and flags and immediately started talking strategy for how to position our flags.  Unanimous decision was that they should be separate so you couldn't lose both at the same time.
Ready to go!  Flags in the front!
We meandered over to the staring area and started watching people come in to finish since the start and finish were the same spot.  We started noticing a major trend - no one was coming back with flags.  We saw a bunch of very fit young guys come through with no flags and started to become a little concerned.  We found a group who was willing to chat with us and we learned a little more about the race - basically there were "zombie zones" where you could lose a flag and safe areas to recover.  There were also a dozen or so obstacles that were zombie-free.  We finally saw a few folks trickle in with a single flag and asked for advice.  Unanimously the advice was to take it easy in the safe zones and get ready to run for our money, err flags, in the zombie zones.
The view of the start/finish line
A few minutes later, we were ushered into a tent (it was just a big tarped area) to watch a safety video and then we were heading to the starting line.  After watching the 3:00 wave take off, we knew there was a pack of zombies just a bit down the road so we had to be on our game from the start.  We were split on whether to stay in the middle of the road or the edges (for an easier getaway).  Immediately it was a sprint and every time there were zombies in sight, I was gunning it for the safe zones and dodging as best I could.  

One of our members had the unfortunate luck to lose both her flags within 10 minutes of starting but the other three of us survived with both flags through more than half the course.  I lost my first flag when I got a little cocky thinking that this was child's play and I would easily survive with both...a narrow roadway and TONS of zombies were just the right combo to ensure I lost my first flag.  After that, I started guarding my other flag much more closely.  We hit a stretch of a bunch of hard obstacles - climbing over walls with a rope, army crawl through a tube, a tire maze and a few others.  We were getting tired so we definitely walked most of the stretches in between zombie zones.  And before we knew it, we were tearing down a long stretch of road toward the finish, making one final turn with a few obstacles and heading to the finish line.  

Three of us "survived" which seemed pretty awesome considering one member of our team pulled a muscle mid-way through.  Once we made it through the finish line, several volunteers confirmed that we survived and handed us the proper wrist band.  The alternative was an "I died" band.  Glad I didn't get that one!
Note the dirty hands...we had to climb up a GINORMOUS pile of mulch!

Overall, this event was SUPER fun - we really had a blast and laughed quite a bit.  I must say that if you are interested in dominating one of these events, enroll in a flag football league and work on your sprinting.  It was intense!  



  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I think I would be okay with a zombie 5k but not a mud run! It also sounds like there was a lote more sprinting involved than I had thought!
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. This sounds like soooooo much fun! I wanted to do a Zombie 5K so badly but the timing and locations of them never seem to work out. Congrats on surviving the Zombie apocalypse! I would definitely get an "I died" band though, but I would still have fun :)

  3. So fun! I didn't run one of these races but I did dress up as one of the zombies! I got a major workout sprinting after the runners! It was a blast!

  4. I honestly never really thought about trying one of these zombie races, but this one looked like a lot of fun!

  5. Looks like fun! Glad you had a great time!

  6. I've seen these around. I've heard more people want to be zombies than run through! Either way sounds fun.

  7. Sounds like fun!

    This summer I volunteered at a zombie run, which was a blast, but I decided to sign up for it next year as a runner with my cousin. Our husbands have signed up as zombies, so that should be interesting.

  8. This sounds awesome and so much fun! Love the pictures!

  9. Aw I wish you had pics of the Zombies! I LOVE Zombies - but am scared to run from them unless I'm in full-on Zombie apocalypse mode lol