October 20, 2013

Weekly Roundup: October 20th

Today, I am running the Baystate Half Marathon in Lowell, MA with my sister Alison, while Christine is in taper for the Marine Corps Marathon.  I'm really looking forward to this race and the cool temps that are predicted.  It's a big race day - Nike Women's Half in San Francisco, the Runner's World Half in Bethlehem, PA and many others.  May you all have fast feet!

Sunday, October 13th
Pam: ran 6 miles, pace 9.16
Christine: 30 min yoga, stretching

Monday, October 14th
Pam: Jillian Michaels Yoga DVD  35 minutes
Christine: 35 min stationary bike, Abs, Leg weights

Tuesday, October 15th
Pam: ran 3.26 mile temp run
Christine: 4 miles hill work on treadmill, 0.25 mile cool down

Wednesday, October 16th
Pam: 30 minutes stationary bike, 1000 meters rowing, weights, sit ups
Christine: Rest day with stretching and rolling

Thursday, October 17th
Pam: Without Limits trace workout: warm up, 3 x 800 3:50, 3:45. 3:45 3 miles total
Christine: 3.4 miles at 9:20 pace, stretching

Friday, October 18th
Pam: Rest day
Christine: Rest day with lots of stretching and rolling

Saturday, October 19th
Pam: Rest day
Christine: 30 min stationary bike, stretching, rolling



  1. I hope you had an awesome race day - I can't wait to come enjoy those temps!

  2. Great week of training ladies! Pam...I hope your race was awesome!

  3. Pam, I hope your race went well! Christine, I can't wait to hear all about MCM! :)

  4. Thank you for the virtual wishes of fast feet! I must have felt your running spirit as I PR'd yesterday in the (hilly!) Nike Women's Half in SF! So excited for Wine & Dine in November and loving your recap from last year to help me plan :)