October 27, 2013

Weekly Roundup - October 27th

We've had a relaxed week of workouts with Christine in taper mode and me in recovery mode. Today is a big day as Christine runs her first marathon and nervous mama awaits updates via twitter and Facebook!

Here is a glimpse at our week of workouts! After today we will be looking forward to reuniting at the Wine and Dine half marathon weekend when we will meet up with loads of our running buddies! 

Sunday, October 20th 
Pam: half marathon  13.16 miles
Christine: 6 miles easy

Monday, October 21st
Pam: trail walk 2.5 miles, lots of stretching and rolling
Christine: rest day, rolling and stretching

Tuesday, October 22nd
Pam:  Zumba class with mom! extra stretching
Christine:  5K in 26 min. and felt great!

Wednesday, October 23rd
Pam: 20 minutes stationary  bike, 15 min. eliptical, 1000 meters rowing
Christine:rest day, rolling and stretching

Thursday, October 24th
Pam: one hour Yoga class, walked/carried 9 holes golf
Christine: easy 4 miles, rolling and stretching

Friday, October 25th
Pam: 4.25 mile run
Christine: rest day, rolling and stretching

Saturday, October 26th
Pam: stationary bike 30 minutes, 1000 meters rowing, plank, stretching
Christine:  walked around expo, stretching

Are you doing anything special today?


  1. Yay Christine on an awesome race! Hope you enjoyed the recovery, Pam. Love love love that quote from A League of Their Own...that's my favorite movie! :0)

  2. Karen, We love that movie too! Hope you are feeling up to running soon.