November 22, 2013

The one about weight loss

On the heels of my debbie downer Dopey Challenge post the other day, I thought about this post a few times over.  But hey, I like keeping it real and most of you seem to be cool with that, so here goes…but please don't throw stones or send hate mail!

I've lost 9 pounds since late August….in about 13-14 weeks.  

I wasn't really trying to lose weight.  Sure, having a few less pounds to carry through the marathon was ok, but I never saw this coming.  In the last two weeks, I'm averaging a pound of weight loss per week….say what?!  When and how did that happen?  I've always struggled with eating and finding my appetite after a long run.  And recently, that seems to be the case after any run...and essentially a permanent fixture since the marathon.  I don't get it.

Over the summer I started doing recovery drinks for some quick calories and a good mix of proteins/carbs.  But in full disclosure, I've been lax about that lately.  Work has been a little nutty and I have been working much longer days than normal.  This generally means I get home later and work out later...meaning that I've been skimping on real, quality dinners.  I'm totally guilty of eating a string cheese and a handful of pretzels for dinner.  It's safe to say I haven't exactly been eating the right quality and quantity of food.

I need to get back to quality foods and simply forcing myself to get calories when I can palate them.  And I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about maintaining my current (albeit slightly reduced) weight through Dopey.  It would be easy to supplement my calories with holiday junk, but I know that's not the ideal solution.  And let's call a spade a spade here…I'm not exactly on the verge of starvation and/or an unhealthily low weight.  But it is highly inconvenient that my suit pants are barely hanging on and require a belt these days.

It will resolve itself, that's for sure…particularly after Dopey Challenge when I let my bum grow roots into the sofa and nosh on bon bons 24/7…

Ever unexpectedly lost weight during a training cycle?  How did you handle it?


  1. I'm starting to see some weight loss as I prepare for a mammoth January and February (Disney Half, Tinkerbell Half, Miami Half, and finally the Glass Slipper Challenge), but it isn't always easy when I stop running to maintain the weight. The simple reason is that my metabolism keeps expecting to eat the same amount of calories that it was eating during my training months, but I'm not doing enough exercise to burn it off. That being said, the day AFTER my long runs I'm usually ravenous all day and want to eat everything in site. That's when I try to make up for whatever I didn't eat the day before (I totally understand not being hungry the day of a long run). t find it helps me if I go back to whole, better foods and keep away from the processed stuff that usually contains a lot of salt and other preservatives that cause bloating.

  2. I've never had this problem, I mean I don't eat much for dinner post-run but that's had no effect on my weight, but I'm envisioning a European style solution to this problem wherein the larger, "quality" meal you would've had for dinner you push to your lunch meal and follow your run with something light. If you wake up hungry, just have a more substantial breakfast?

  3. I've been slowly losing weight as I train for Marathon weekend. Its difficult to balance my enthusiasm for shedding a few pounds with the reality of my work clothes not fitting as well anymore (mainly that they're too big). I faced a similar situation when I lost weight a couple of years ago for my wedding (and then of course the pounds crept back when I wasn't as motivated to work out as much after the wedding). My hope is that I will keep the weight off after January, and I want to hold off buying any new work clothes until I see that I can follow through with this goal.

  4. I actually started running to lose weight and once I got to my goal weight I was great. However, I did unexpectedly lose more lbs after that and realized I needed to make diet changes so I did and it helped me gain those few extra lost lbs back. I definitely don't want to be un-healthily (is that even a word?! lol) skinny. On the bright side, those extra lbs you lost may help justify any holiday splurging :0)

  5. I won't say I'm not jealous because I am, but I know that my problem is that I'm fueling with whatever my little heart desires (cupcakes feature heavily in this) so even though I'm running 4 halfs in 4 months, I've actually been gaining weight at a steady clip over the last month. Good job focusing on fueling with healthy foods and drinks, I may try to take a little lesson from that myself.

  6. I lost weight during training for my first half, and that's certainly not what I wanted. I thought I was doing a good job replenishing the calories, but then I went into a regular doctor's check up and saw I lost weight. I know a lot of people would be happy about that, but my reaction was "Crap! I need that back!"

  7. I kinda wish I had that problem - I am either maintaining or putting on a few pounds right now. I was really hoping to lose another 10 or so, so it's very frustrating b/c I'm always rungry.