December 2, 2013

runDisney race check bags and an angel tree

Recently there was talk on several Facebook pages on how you repurpose the runDisney race check bags after the race weekend is over.  I have collected quite a few of those bags over the last three years and they have only been used in a couple of different ways. Runners mentioned the following ideas for the bags when I posed the question on our Facebook a few weeks ago:

* fill with your dirty race clothing
* storing race memorabilia
* protecting your runDisney suitcases
* for knitting projects
* storage for outgrown baby clothing
* for wet sandy items at the beach
* use for packing shoes
Numerous possibilities
I have used the bags for shredded documents!  Not very exciting, but they hold a ton of paper!

Just last week I came up with a great way to use the bags! It is an annual tradition in our household to do something for needy children at Christmas. We have been fortunate to always have what we need and like to help out children who would otherwise have a Christmas that lacked the fun of Santa gifts.  Cue the Salvation Army who put up Angel Trees in many malls around the country.  This year, we did not wait until after Thanksgiving to get our two names.  We went around the middle of November and enjoyed some peaceful shopping choosing just the right gifts for our little angels, Daisy and Frankie. When trying to find bags at home that would hold their gifts, I discovered that the runDisney bags were perfect.  They hold a ton of stuff, are made of a very thick plastic and have the wonderful thick rope drawstring feature. I placed the gifts inside and returned them to the mall for our little angels.

Do you have any other fun uses for these bags?  Have you started your Christmas shopping?


  1. What a fantastic idea!! I love it! You are right, these bags are huge and hold a ton of stuff. My kids at church are going to sponsor a few Angel Tree children this year...I love this project!

  2. What a great use for those bags! I use mine for dirty laundry when I'm traveling. They really are the best bags ever!

  3. What a good idea and what child ( or adult...hehe) wouldn't want to get a gift in a Disney bag!

  4. I think we want to 'adopt' a girl and a boy this Christmas - it's all about GIVING right?