December 22, 2013

Weekly Roundup - December 22nd

It's almost Christmas and holiday preparations have been underway and company starts arriving tomorrow. Okay, I lied. Christine arrived yesterday, but we do not consider her company! She is especially helpful with meal planning and preparation plus, will be keeping me company as we both run 24 miles this morning!  We are both eager to have the run over so we can start enjoying the taper before our Dopey Challenge. Are you sick of hearing about Dopey Challenge? I must admit, everything seems to revolve around training, eating and resting at the moment. This week runDisney had a bunch of fun tweets about the upcoming race weekend including this:


and this:

We are now at 16 days and counting! For the next few days we are focusing on Christmas and family time while we take a break from running after our Dopey simulation this weekend.  Special meals, a Christmas eve church service, food, viewing Christmas lights, and some family games will keep us busy! We hope you share some very special moments with your families. Our week of workouts was pretty intense and here is the recap:

December 15th
Pam: rest day
Christine: rest day

December 16th
Pam: bike 30 minutes, weights
Christine: 30 minutes elliptical

December 17th
Pam: 30 minutes elliptical
Christine: ran 4 miles

December 18th
Pam: rest day
Christine: rest day

December 19th
Pam:  ran 4 miles at track with group 2 X 10 minutes at 8:40 pace plus warm up/cool down
Christine: ran 3 miles

December 20th
Pam: ran 5 miles at 9:28 pace
Christine: ran 6 miles

December 21st
Pam: ran 12 miles at 10:20 pace
Christine: ran 13 miles in 2:11

Hope your week went well. Please tell us if you had any special highlights!


  1. Love those runDisney photo updates! And I never tire of reading about anything related to the Dopey Challenge :) Y'all are doing an awesome job!

    1. Thanks Lauren! We're getting very excited and of course, the runDisney countdown is only adding to it!

  2. nice job!!! I can't wait for the tweet up so I can say hi to everyone and wish you luck