December 31, 2014

Packing and eating tips for runDisney Dopey Challenge

Last year, Christine wrote a detailed post on packing for a multiple race weekend.  We both found several ways to make this easier and if you are traveling by airline, be sure to put everything you need for two days of racing in your carry on bag.  I cannot emphasize that enough, especially after the fiasco we had in Dublin last summer when Christine's luggage went missing for 3 days.  She would have missed the Rock 'n Roll Dublin race if her carry on bag had not been filled with everything she needed on race morning.

Here are some tips for your race packing!

December 30, 2014

2014 Year in Review, the Medals!

This year was another busy race year. After Dopey Challenge and then my spring half, I took a long break from running to enjoy myself and then regroup for fall marathon training. As I look back on this year, it almost feels like two discrete racing seasons and in part, it was. I focused on goal times in the winter and early spring and then again in the fall. Instead of a traditional year in review, I decided to focus on something that has always been a big motivator for me…the bling!

I figured it would be fun to share some stats for my medal haul of 2014
* 16 Medals earned in total: WDW 5k, WDW 10k, WDW Half Marathon, WDW Marathon, Goofy Challenge, Dopey Challenge, Shamrock Half Marathon, Red White and Blue 5k AG award, ZOOMA Napa Half Marathon, RnR Dublin Half Marathon, RnR Va Beach Half Marathon, ToT 10 Miler, Richmond Marathon, Trot for Tots 5k AG Award, Surf-n-Santa 5 Miler
* 2 Marathons: Walt Disney World Marathon, Richmond Marathon
* 5 Half Marathons: Walt Disney World Half Marathon, Shamrock Anthem Half Marathon, ZOOMA Napa Half Marathon, Rock ‘n Roll Dublin Half Marathon, Rock ‘n Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon
* 3 Challenge medals: Goofy Challenge, Dopey Challenge, World Rocker
* 2 Age Group awards: 3rd place in the Red White and Blue 5k, 2nd place in the Trot for Tots 5k

Now let’s talk about the bling, shall we?  After helping with an office holiday party and some fun superlative-esque awards, I have had the “best of” categories on my brain. I figured it would be fun to apply something similar to my race medals.

Best Accessory: Zooma Napa
I love the little wine glass charm from this medal. I have heard lots of people remove them for adding to a charm bracelet but I like my bling blingy so it will be staying on my medal!

Most Interactive: Tower of Terror 10 Miler
I LOVE that the elevator car on the medal moves – definitely a cool medal! And it goes without saying that we are grateful we got to experience this runDisney event before it concluded its final running this fall.

The one I still don’t love: Richmond Marathon
This race still makes me a bit sad that it went so off course. But as your stereotypical girl who loves fall, I really do adore the theming on this medal and it is really gorgeous in person. I like to think a small bit of my soul is housed in this medal, where I proved that no matter how bad it hurts or how much it sucks, I can get myself across a finish line.

Stinkiest Ribbon: Rock ‘n Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon
A warm summer day meant this was without a doubt the sweatiest race of the year…so I can only assume this ribbon has some sort of sweaty, stinky residue from that day. I’m only kidding here guys!

Best Holiday Theme: Surf-n-Santa 5 Miler
I love that this medal can also be used as a Christmas ornament on the tree.  For now, it will happily reside on my medal rack for me to enjoy all year long.

The Divas: Dopey Challenge Bling
They didn’t belong on my regular medal rack so they got their own space as a permanent shrine to conquering 48.6 miles.

If you could give an award to one of your medals, what would it be?

December 29, 2014

Tips for Dopey's almost here!

Dopey Challenge is a fantastic weekend of races, four to be exact, but there is much preparation needed to get to the starting line four times.  While we are sad to miss marathon weekend at WDW in 2015, we are very excited for all our running friends who will be toeing the line at one, two, three or four races!

To enjoy your race weekend, there are certain things to do before and after you arrive in Orlando for the big event! We are sharing our tips based on personal experience and hope this will help you as you prepare for your last week of training.

Training: If you have followed a training plan, continue that until race weekend.  While your longest runs are in the rear view mirror, there is still time to get in several quality runs before you take on 48.6 miles in four days.  Take plenty of time to stretch and roll after each run.  Taper is really important and be sure to put those feet up as frequently as possible.

Hydration and Fueling: Before you leave for Disney, start hydrating really well the week before the race (s).  Bring a water bottle so you are hydrating and keep track of your fluid intake. I usually drink my weight in ounces each day during race week, as per guidance from my coach. This includes water, Gatorade and Nuun.  Now is the time to get into gear with healthy eating if that is not your normal diet.  I have a deep weakness for ice cream, but forgo it when I have a really big race coming up.  Avoiding alcohol and caffeine is also not a bad plan.  During race week, salting your food is also helpful, especially if the Orlando weather forecast is hot for race weekend. My coach takes salt pills during her Ironman races and that is another option during your races, but only if you have taken them in training. Nothing new on race day ever!

Visiting the Parks, yea or nay: Plan to skip park visits after the Donald Half Marathon so you have energy for the Mickey Marathon. While we chose to visit Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios after our first two days of races, we did not open and close the parks! Pack your water bottle in your day bag so you can refill it frequently in between rides and shows at the parks.

Entertainment or how to keep occupied between races: Your resort pool is a great place to relax, providing you stay out of the hot Florida sunshine.  I have spent several hours during my Goofy and Dopey Challenge weekends enjoying the pool after my half marathon.  If you are staying at the Polynesian, you can even fuel up with a Dole Whip at the Polynesian Lanai restaurant!  Downtown Disney is a fabulous option after the half marathon.  It will give you a break from your hotel room and there are some things to do there that will not zap your energy.  An AMC movie theater with 24 screens, the bowling alley at Splitsville Luxury Lanes or a nice meal at a restaurant away from your hotel will help you fill the remainder of the day after running the Donald Half Marathon.

Sleep:  The last and most important suggestion/tip involves a bed and sleeping.  Do not assume you will be racing on full energy by days three and four.  Unless you have the ability to fall asleep like a baby at 7:30pm, you will not be getting your normal sleep. Early mornings with a wake up call at 3:00am on consecutive days will cause sleep deprivation in most individuals.  Consistently we heard from runners who completed Dopey that the lack of sleep was the most difficult aspect of the challenge.  Getting extra rest prior to the weekend will be very helpful and you are welcome for that tip!

If you would like to read individual race recaps from 2014 or our overall thoughts on Dopey, clink on the links below.

Race Recap: WDW Family Fun Run 5k

Race Recap: Inaugural Minnie 10k

Race Recap: Donald Half Marathon

Marathon Recap, Pam's Version

Amazing Bling
Dopey Challenge:  the wrap up!

We will have one more post before this week that will include more race weekend information.  If you have questions that you would like answered in that post, please fire away in the comment section below!

December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

We'll be signing off for the remainder of the week to spend time together and with our family. We hope you take time to enjoy your family and friends, indulge in some treats, and appreciate all of the great gifts of running this year.


December 23, 2014

Surf-n-Santa 5 Mile Race Recap

If you know anything about Mom and I, you know that we both love Christmas. So it probably goes without saying that I would be onboard for a Christmas themed race. When J&A announced that they were revamping the Surf-n-Santa race from a morning 10 mile race to an evening 5 mile race that included running under the famous Boardwalk lights display, I was excited! And I was even more excited when Adam agreed to run with me.

Saturday rolled around and we elected to pick up our packets just before the race start. We made our way to the VA Beach Convention Center around 3:30 and easily found parking. The race expo was a bit crowded and I started to get a little nervous when I saw the lines for the ladies bathroom - they were very, very long. We hurried to get our bibs and then pick up our shirts. Adam headed to bag check while I braved the bathroom lines. Luckily they went rather quickly.

We mulled around inside, not wanting to spend much extra time in the cold. Around 4:15, we headed out to our corral, Corral 1. Knowing that we weren't planning to run a fast race like we thought when we signed up, we started at the back of the corral.

Miles 0-2: Typical VA Beach Oceanfront running down 19th and Atlantic Avenue. Lots of beachy shops and a few spectators. Since it was a chilly evening, I wasn't expecting many cheering fans. There was a fantastic group of carolers dressed up in neat outfits.

Mile 3: The fun began around mile 2.5 when we turned onto the Boardwalk and ran under the lights. Unfortunately it wasn't all that dark but it was still really fun to see the lights - sea creatures, a gorgeous poinsettia wreath, 12 Days of Christmas, and others. My favorite was Santa and his reindeer on the 17th street pier.

Miles 3-5: We ran back up Atlantic and up 16th or 17th back toward the Convention Center. We saw the group of carolers again, but otherwise no major entertainment. With about 0.75 to go, we took one last walk break. As we neared the Convention Center, I could sense Adam speeding up a bit. I returned and we continued to speed up. It was fun passing lots of people and as we made the turn back into the Convention Center (indoor finish line for the win) under red and green flags. As we neared the finish line, Adam grabbed my hand and we crossed together which was fun.

As we moved through the chute, we received our medals and then water, bananas, and power bars. Because the finishers shoot was a windy area, we were able to snag some shots with our medals and the finish line and we weren't the only ones working on our selfie skills doing this!

Like all J&A events, the after party was jamming - Sam Adams beer, chicken corn chowder in a bread bowl, and a great live band. They also had a costume contest and were raffling off the Samuel Adams cut-outs.
Cheers to the last race of the year

With surfer santa
The "nice" costume contest...tacky Christmas lights, Elf and Jody, Christmas tree
This was a fabulous race and the swag and after-party were on point. I would definitely recommend this race to anyone who is interested in a holiday race next year.

December 19, 2014

Holiday traditions including a festive run

For our Friday linkup with Mar,  Courtney  and Cynthia,  the topic of the week is holiday traditions.  We have quite a few traditions that we enjoy during the Christmas season.  We go to church on Christmas Eve every year, but we also have a list of things that seem to happen each and every year so I guess we will call them our traditions!

1.  Game night:  We have several Christmas games that always provide fun and laughter.  Last year my brother stepped up as MC of the Christmas trivia game and we were totally amused with his theatrical performance. This year we have a couple new games planned with help from Christine and Adam.

2.  Puzzles:  The ladies in my family all love to work on a Christmas puzzle together and we have a nice collection to choose.   For 2014, A Charlie Brown Christmas seemed the perfect option  since we will be working on it right next to the Peanutes tree that was decorated just a few days ago!

3.  Stockings for everyone:  About 20 years ago, my parents and siblings decided that stockings would be fun for the adults too!  The first couple years we drew names and had to fill a stocking for one person.  Then we changed the rules, put a $10 limit and we try to outdo each other with fun and creative things for each other.  Buying one or two small gifts for everyone is easier than filling one stocking for one person!

Christine's handmade needlepoint stocking!
4. Appetizer bonanza: We love appetizers and before the move, I made and froze rye pizzas and spinach balls. The group will put together vegetable pizzas made with crescent rolls on the 23rd and those will be gone in no time.

The calories don't count if they have vegetables or cheese!

5.  Putting the ornament on the tree from my kindergarten teacher:  I was given a precious little kewpie doll china bell ornament when I was 5 years old from my teacher.  It is amazing that it has not broken in all our moves, but it is the oldest ornament on our tree!  Sorry I can't share a photo of this cutie, but we will decorate the family tree on the 23rd after company arrives!

6.  A holiday run:  Since we started running in 2010, we have gotten out for a run on the morning of either the 23rd or 24th of December. We try to be festive for our runs and here is a peak at how we were dressed in 2012:

Thanks again to the lovely ladies of DC for hosting the blog hop.  Be sure to check out their blogs with the links above.

Share in the comments below if you have a special holiday tradition in your family.

December 18, 2014

Obsessed with Christmas and other holiday ramblings

Everyone has a busy schedule when November rolls around, but December seems like the busiest month of the year.  Taking time to get in your exercise and healthy eating sometimes does not happen and you know what, it's okay.  This month, we have had the pain pleasure of moving from one house to another and thankfully after four days of nonstop work, it is coming together.  Now for the fun of getting company meals organized.

Moving in Saturday left a challenge for decorating the house for Christmas after getting all the boxes unpacked.  I am sure we looked like Energizer bunnies as we blitzed through the house and got most everything unpacked in speed mode.  And then this happened:

I get carried away with Christmas!

Tuesday night was the start of Hanukkah and several of our friends will be celebrating.  Last night, Sami, my running coach texted me this photo and who would have known that Disney makes a Menorah? It's adorable and of course she is a little Disney obsessed too!

Yesterday I was visited by not one, but three neighbors who brought wonderful gifts welcoming us to the new neighborhood.  This tray of cookies looks amazing and it has taken every once of my being to keep from eating them.   My company will appreciate that when they arrive next Tuesday! And what a surprise to find out that the neighbor across the street is in my running group.  So excited to have someone to carpool with on Tuesday nights.  Now I can attend twice a week practice due to my new home location!

I will finally be back with my running group on Friday morning and I can't wait.  My foot had quite a workout during the move, but it seems that the injury is gone and the residual is the usual arthritis that I deal with from time to time.  Boston training starts soon and getting my new training plan will make the whole thing real.

Do you go crazy with decorations and preparations for the holidays?

December 17, 2014

How to survive being in a relationship with a blogging runner

So after sitting on the sidelines of the blogging world for the entirety of our relationship Christine asked me to do a guest post about dating a blogging runner.  Over the course of our relationship Ive accumulated the following advice for my fellow man who has chosen to be in relationship with the wonderful woman that is a blogging runner. 

1. You gotta love carbs. 
I dont like pasta, period.  Ive never been a fan and I probably never will be.  I find that personally pasta has no flavor.  However I can now report that I now know the difference between orecchiette and orzo (those are pasta types for the uninformed) and how to properly cook pasta al dente” (the proper Italian way to cook pasta).  Just learn how to do these things and you will be ok.

2. Get used to early bed times and early wake-ups.
She is going to want to go to bed at 9pm on Fridays when you're saying to yourself, Im just getting warmed up.”  Just suck it up and go to bed, trust me in about 8 hours the alarm will be going off and you will willingly or unwillingly be supporting her on a long run. Im telling you from personal experience it goes easier if you are well rested so just suck it up and go to bed at 9pm.   

3. Learn how to quickly locate the nearest coffee shop.
See #2,  you're going to be waking up early on weekends when you would rather be doing a close investigation of the inside of your eyes lids (Read: Sleeping).  Youre going to need coffee.

4. Learn the keys of race day wardrobe planning.
Shes going to plan her race day wardrobe.  You're not going to care.  Do yourself a favor while you have the chance to influence her thoughts on this all so important topic.  Suggest that she wear bright colors, it will make identifying her amongst the race day masses easier, and something low cut, trust me youll thank me later on this part. 

5. Your Saturday mornings are already planned.
You're supporting her on a long training Saturday morning, this is non-negotiable, this is a fact, this is what you will be doing, period.

6. The 0.0 joke is only funny to you.
She has a 13.1 or 26.2 sticker on her car.  Putting a 0.0 sticker on your car is only funny to you.  

7. You're going to get to do at least one holiday race.
Turkey Trot, Santa Shuffle, whatever the name, you're probably knowingly or unknowingly already signed up for one because it will be fun.”  Personally I find eating turkey like a fat kid or opening presents while wearing only a pair of boxers and a t-shirt to be fun but this is her idea of fun so just be thankful you get to be involved.  On a side note, based on personal experience this year, this will go much easier for this dose of fun” if you train for it, my body is still in recovery from my dose of fun” at Thanksgiving.

8. You get to learn about the latest and great in the world of fuel.
Im not talking about fuel for your car (Dream car is an Audi S4 2.0 with navigation, cold weather package and enhanced audio).  Im talking about talking about the glucose, jelly-like packets that she refers to as fuel.”  Shes going to crave them on long runs and during races so take note when she says she likes a certain flavor, youll get a lot of brownie points with her if you can pull them out when shes on mile 18 of a 20 mile training run.  On a side note, they all taste like nothing if you were wondering.

9. Youll know the latest and greatest gossip in the blogging world.
Ive never met them, nor have any idea what they look like but I can tell you the number of children, current race PRs (Personal Record, for you newbies), and what race they are currently training to run on half the running blogger community.  I dont say this to boast, this is just a fact. 

10. There usually is free beer at the finish line
Need I say more?  She just ran a race and is probably not going to want to drink it, this is where you come in.  It's probably not going to be the worlds greatest beer but hey, its free.

I have a bet going with Christine that I can get more likesor thumbs up things on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram than her articles so please do whatever you do on those things to approve of this article.  If I win I get to sleep in next Saturday, so if nothing else help out a tired guy. 

Finally, my weekly round up has been some 12 ounce lifts so if nothing in this post makes sense please blame it on that fact.

December 16, 2014

Is it a date or a race?

Last night while I was at the gym, I realized that I have a race this week. It's not often that I'm not in tune with my race schedule, but these days I'm totally ok with it! That's right, on Saturday night, I'll be pinning on a race bib and running 5 miles through the Virginia Beach oceanfront area with A at my side. We're sort of approaching this a bit as an atypical holiday date night. It's a Saturday night in December, so it's somewhat self explanatory. And unlike the last race we ran together (the Trots for Tots 5k on Thanksgiving Day), I plan to cross the finish line with him.

While we won't be donning any crazing holiday race outfits, I think this will be a pretty fun night. I hope to see some of my local running buddies at the race and share some holiday cheer. And I'm pretty psyched to get this medal!
Source: Surf-n-Santa Facebook Page
This is a low pressure race. It will be a fun experience for us and I'm really looking forward to a new event, particularly one that's holiday themed. We'll be dashing through the lights and then enjoying some post-race revelries in the warmth of the Virginia Beach Convention Center. To be exact, we'll be enjoying chicken corn chowder in a bread bowl and Sam Adams beer. What could be better?

Here's all the info to get ready for the Surf-n-Santa 5 miler if you're running too!
* Check out the virtual goodie bag here.
* Get your race number here.
* Frequently Asked Questions

Any tips for making our first "race date" a good one?

December 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom!

Last year, I surprised Mom for her milestone Birthday. It's hard to believe it's been a year since she topped the podium at the Jingle Bell 5k (on her Birthday no less) and celebrated with a fabulous dinner at quaint European bistro in downtown Wilmington. It's been a pretty incredible year for Mom...from new races in faraway lands to big races to accomplishing big dreams. She's pretty awesome and I'm proud to call her my Mom!

The Dream Come True: A BQ!

The Amazing Race: Completed Dopey Challenge AND nailed a (then) marathon PR in the final race.

Journeyed to Far Away Lands: Spent a week in Ireland for a half marathon and family vacation time

Tried Something New: We headed back to Orlando this fall for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler, which turned out to be one of our favorite races.

I couldn't imagine sharing my running journey with anyone else and cannot wait to see what the next year brings her on her running adventures. I'll try to keep up! Happy Birthday, Mom!!


December 12, 2014

Favorite Holiday Activities - Giving Back

The lovely DC girls, Mar, Cynthia and Courtney have Favorite Winter Activities as their topic today and I am going to do a slightly different twist on this one. It's the holidays and this time of year, there are lots of people that have little to celebrate whether they are unemployed, recently lost a close family member or have some other unsettling life issue. This year, while in the midst of moving, I came up with the idea of doing something special each week between Thanksgiving and Christmas to help bring cheer to someone else.  Here are some of the ideas I came up with and I hope you will chime in below in the comments section with some suggestions of your own.

1.  Salvation Army Angel Tree:  Choosing gifts for a needy child is such an easy thing to do and there are plenty of names on the tree this year.  Head to your local mall or get in touch with Salvation Army and they can get you the name of a child and their wish list.

I used runDisney bags for our angels last year!

2.  Food Bank Donation:  This time of year we are all so busy taking care of our own families that the food banks have a drop in donations.  Be sure to throw an extra couple things in your grocery cart and drop them off at the appropriate spot. Most churches have collection boxes too.

3.  Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, or whatever coffee shop you frequent:  Buy a drink for the person behind you in the drive through line.  It will make you feel wonderful and surprisingly, it may start a chain reaction. Or buy a doughnut or a box to share!

4.  Bring a holiday treat to the office:  Everyone loves a Christmas cookie, cupcake or even a salty treat, like Chex party mix!  Be sure to bring enough for everyone and spreading a little holiday cheer with food is always well received!

5. Visit a holiday light display or Santa and pay for tickets for the next family in line.  We enjoyed the little display in Portsmouth, Virginia over the Thanksgiving holiday and even took a few funny photos!

6.  Spend time with an elderly neighbor watching a Christmas program, or offer to babysit for your neighbor who does not have the money to hire a sitter.

Thanks to the DC ladies for the Friday linkup.  Be sure to check out their blogs too!  What is your favorite way to give back during the holiday season?  We would love some great ideas!

December 11, 2014

Holiday Happenings

As I mentioned previously, I’m really focused on enjoying the holiday season this year. I’ve been doing my best to soak in the fun and festive aspects of the season…and what might that be you’re asking (or maybe not!)? Let’s see what I’ve been up to…

Baking: I love holiday treats. I have recipes that I make every year and I usually try to make at least one new treat each year. My go to’s are peanut butter cups, spice cookies, and mocha mint cookies. This year, I also added in Christmas cookie bars, which came to work with me for a coworkers birthday, and Chex Party Mix. I know, I know…you’re shocked that I’ve never made this delicious snack. In full disclosure, I’ve never made it because Mom has always made it and I was afraid to mess up something with fond memories/thoughts for me.  But my first batch was a great success and is rapidly disappearing.

Decorations: I don’t do anything too crazy around the house but decorating is another thing that I love. I have a small home and I usually try to switch up what I do each year. This year, I elected to overhaul my mantle d├ęcor and go a little simpler than usual. And I love the results! I have Clark Griswold aspirations for the exterior but sadly, I have a ways to go.

My 2014 runDisney Christmas tree
Parties: This upcoming weekend is partypalooza for me. Friday evening is an outing to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. Saturday is the Army-Navy game and being that A is a West Point grad, I’ll be donning the black and gold and loudly rooting for Army. I’m also learning the traditions for this game like corn chowder…I’m still not sure I get it but as any good girlfriend does, I’m making it and hopping on the bandwagon for Saturday. On Saturday evening, a friend is hosting a cocktail party. And then Sunday, I’ll round out the weekend with an ornament exchange that a friend (with whom I swam in high school) is hosting. It should be awesome and I look forward to spending time with my favorites during this time of the season.

Gifts: I am proud to say that my Christmas shopping is D-O-N-E! I have purchased approximately 75% of my gifts online this year which has made life infinitely more simple. And I kind of love the stack of boxes at home each evening. I’m pretty sure the UPS man could navigate to my house in his sleep at this point!
Stepping Back: With all the pressure and hustle bustle, I'm making a concerted effort to step back. My new tradition is sitting on the couch and enjoying the soft glow of the Christmas tree...sometimes with a glass of wine and sometimes with my favorite nuun flavor. It's a nice way to unwind each day and take in the spirit of the season.

What is your favorite part of the holiday season?

December 10, 2014

It's my turn!

Kass at the Lone Runner tagged me to play this litte game, "I moustache you some questions". So here I go with my answers: 

Four names that people call me, other than my real name:
1.  my real name is Pamela and no one calls me that
2.  Mrs. Keenan, yea I'm old and sales people sometimes call me this!
3.  sweetie
4.  P

Four jobs I have had:
1.  maid at hotel - worst job ever 
2.  proofreader at Squibb Pharmaceutical
3.  accounts receivable at a linen company
4.  seasonal assistant manager at Brookstone (Christine could not believe her mother had a management position!)

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:
1. My Cousin Vinny
2. Pretty Woman
3. Love Actually
4. Christmas Vacation

Four books I’d recommend:
1.  The Lone Survivor
2.  Unbroken
3.  Fall of Giants
4.  Running Within

Four places I have lived:
1.  Wellesley, Massachusetts (more years there than any place else)
2.  Virginia Beach, Virginia
3.  Yarm, England
4.  Houston, Texas

Four places I have been:
1.  Antarctica
2.  China
3.  Easter Island
4.  French Polynesia, most beautiful place in the world
I actually wanted to add a bunch more. Travel is a passion of ours and we have completed a visit to every continent. Now it is time to run all the world majors! 

Four things I don’t eat:
1. beans
2. peas
3. lamb
4. liver

Four of my favorite foods:
1. ice cream, always ice cream
2. salmon
3. chocolate
4. popcorn

Four TV shows that I watch:
1. Homeland
2. Mad Men
3. Downton Abbey
4. House of Cards

Four things I am looking forward to next year:
1. Boston Marathon
2. Caribbean cruise in January
3. NYC marathon
4. getting settled in my new neighborhood

Four things I’m always saying:
1.  I've got to go to the gym
2.  Did you get the mail yet?
3.  When is your next race?
4.  Does Lulu need to go out?

Five people I’m tagging:
1.  Karen, at Just me and my running shoes
2.  Jenny at Run, Jenny run
3.  Abby at Back at Square Zero
4.  Kimberley at Black dog runs Disney
5.  Amy at Tiny Terror

Please answer one of the questions in the comments section so we can learn something about you too!