January 16, 2014

14 in 2014!

I recently joined the challenge group started by Jill Conyers and Jen of Marathon Mom called 14 in 2014! Be sure to check it out, it is not too late to join the fun! Last weekend I began this challenge to run 14 races in 2014 and am pleased to know that I am already more than a quarter of the way done!

My race calendar is pretty full at the moment with two races scheduled for February. Hopefully I can train well and not have any accidents like I experienced last year.  Unfortunately, it is not the running that is my challenge, but staying upright and not causing myself bodily harm!

Back to my race schedule, it looks like this:
* January - Dopey Challenge 4 races, one weekend
* February - Princess Glass Slipper Challenge, 2 races, one weekend
* March- Quintiles Half Marathon
* April- Divas Half Marathon - North Myrtle Beach
* May- to be determined
* June - to be determined
* July- run for the Homeland 5k - Virginia Beach
* August- too hot to race!
* September - to be determined
* October - Baystate Half Marathon - Lowell, MA
* November - turkey trot, Thanksgiving day
* December - Jingle Bell 5k Wilmington, NC

I'm still looking for other races to fill in my gaps.  If you have a favorite that you love, please comment below.  I'm looking forward to a great 2014 and hope to see many running friends this year.


  1. Awesome! I am also doing 14 in 2014. I have half of my calendar scheduled but the other half I am still working on. So much can happen in a year! Looking forward to hearing about all of your races (esp the Diva race, curious to hear your thoughts!).

  2. I am also participating in 14 in 2014. After completing 12 in 2013, I figured adding 2 more this year shouldn't be too difficult. Its nice to know that with the Disney World 10k and half that I'm already two races down, and we're only 3 weeks into the year. I have some of the rest of my races nailed down, and am working on the rest.

  3. 14 in 2014 was my New Years Resolution this year but after seeing your blog I signed up for the challenge to help me stick to it! I've registered for 6 so far this year, so almost half-way.

  4. I recommend the Flying Pirate Half Marathon in May (3rd, I think) on the Outer Banks. I did it last year and it is a beautiful course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to run again this year.

  5. I'm running the Quintiles Half Marathon! I hope to see you there :)

  6. No Disney Wine and Dine this year?

  7. I am taking on the challenge too! Now I just have to find 14 races I want to do- which is a lot harder than I thought!!

  8. Richmond Marathon is fantastic!

  9. Love the idea of this challenge! You have a great 2014 lineup, Pam!

  10. You should try the One America Mini Marathon in Indianapolis in May. It is a great course, nice and flat. And you get to run around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

  11. You should come to Richmond and do the Ukrop's 10k in March. It's named one of the top 10 10k races in the country. It's a ton of fun.