January 31, 2014

Friday favorites!

Last year we posted several Friday favorites post and recently I realized this theme should be resurrected!  Since the holidays, there are several items that have been making my life much happier!

1.  Erin Condren Planner  This little organizer is amazing!  Last year, I managed to forget several meetings and appointments.  Having always been a detail oriented person, this was not only upsetting but it made me feel rather stupid. I decided to get my organization skills back in order for 2014 so I can feel in control of my days instead of the reverse. This planner is wonderful and I spend a little time each day updating it.
Love the monogram, and I use matching Sharpies! (nerd)
2. RunDisney Vera Bradley duffel bag:  This was a Christmas gift and I absolutely love it.  I have used it now for two trips and it holds a ton of stuff, yet it is perfect as a carry on bag. I plan to travel light for the Princess Weekend and this bag will hold all my running gear and park clothing for five days! 

3.  Salted Caramel GU:  I received a box of this fuel as part of my prize package from Another Mother Runner. Since Peppermint stick GU has been my favorite for some time, I was excited to try a new flavor.  Many runners have professed their love of the salted caramel since it was introduced last year and now it will be in my fuel rotation.  Give it a try!

4. Vera Bradley Disney Blanket: Friends gave me this blanket for my birthday last month and with all the cold weather, I have enjoyed using it every night when I watch television or read.  However, my little Lulu has decided that it really belongs to her!

5. Dopey Dooney Bag: I loved my marathon Dooney tote from last year, and Tom gave me this years model as part of my Christmas gift.  I love the bag and especially the memories it provides when I use it!

Dopey front and center!

What are some our your current favorites?  Do you have any tricks for staying organized?


  1. At work I am organized and like everything in it's place, but at home my life is a wreck!!!! I sometimes wish it was reversed :)

  2. Oh Lulu! I just want to snuggle up with her! I love my planner too - it keeps my many to-do lists organized for the week!

  3. Just yesterday I was organizing my desk and decided I need to use a planner again! I went to look for mine and could find it so I guess I need to buy a new one! I love the Friday Favorite posts cus it often introduces me to new products! Lulu looks too comfy with your new blanket!

  4. So funny, I was just looking at those planners last night! I love them and was soooo close to ordering one, but I couldn't quite justify the price..I'll probably stop at Staples today and pick up a less expensive one (that I'm SURE won't be nearly as pretty or awesome!) : (

  5. Oh I LOVE that Vera Bradley bag! So cute!!!

  6. I looked at the Vera Bradley bag and talked myself out of it. Wishing I had bought it now because it IS the perfect carry on size. I did buy the blanket though and I LOVE it... but you're right. My dogs believe it's theirs and get rather upset when I use it and don't share ;)

  7. I just love that Dopey Dooney purse, and the Vera Bradley bag - I have to say I have been thinking about getting one recently. Lulu looks adorable all curled up in that blanket! :0)

    I bought some of the salted caramel Gu over the holidays and the first time I tried it I actually thought the taste was really good, but I think it may be too sweet for me because now when I try it, it causes a bad gag reflex! So frustrating!

  8. My Dopey Dooney bag is honestly pretty much my favorite thing in the world right now -- I figure I can't wear my medals everyday (because that would just be silly, haha), so this is a great way to continue to relive that feeling of crossing my first marathon finish line! LOVE the picture of your dog, too cute. :)