January 30, 2014

Princess Half Corrals and Course Maps

It's that time, princesses!  Time to figure out your corrals and learn the route you'll be traveling as you run to your Princess bling!  runDisney released the latest information for this year's events and we have it for you in this post.

You can find your waiver here which includes your bib number that corresponds to the corral placement tables.

Princess Half Corrals
Glass Slipper Corrals

The half marathon course is the same as previous years.  It starts just outside EPCOT and takes you to the Magic Kingdom at about mile 5 and back through EPCOT at mile 12.
Princess Half Marathon Course Map
And probably most exciting is the course for the new Enchanted 10k!  It looks to be the same course from marathon weekend and we hope there are more princesses and fun characters along the course to keep you entertained!

Royal Family 5k and Enchanted 10k Course Map


  1. Thank you so so so much for posting this! I have been checking RunDisney everyday to see what the 10K map (and my corral placement is)! Do you know if the 10K only waivers are ready yet? I just tried to look up my husband's and it's saying no results found so I'm having a minor panic attack...eek! I probably could just go to RunDisney and check for myself instead of harassing you lovely ladies, sorry!

    1. I'm doing the 5k and Half only and I couldn't find me either. I also had a minor panic attack, too. There is no new information on runDisney about the waivers, so maybe everything isn't quite ready.

  2. I'm super excited about the 10K this year! Looks like a fun course!

  3. Awesome! Getting excited now! I'm really hoping they add some more characters/entertainment to the 10K course if it's going to be the same as it was for Dopey.

  4. Ahhh....Disney...so many great runs...and just not enough time or $ to do all of them...

  5. One day....sigh. Are you both doing this race? I can't remember if you posted about it or not.