January 18, 2014

WDW Marathon weekend race expo

After several less than stellar race expo experiences last year at both the Dumbo Challenge and the Princess Half Marathon, we were approaching this expo with excitement as well as trepidation.  I was going early Wednesday morning in hopes of scoring some really cute Dopey merchandise and perhaps a pair of the latest edition of Minnie shoes by New Balance.  Having a ride to the expo was really helpful (thanks Scot) and I got in line with Megan from Running Toward the Prize to wait for the official opening!  We had a two hour wait, but fortunately the expo had a "soft" opening at about 9:00, which saved us an hour of wait time.  After taking some outdoor photos, we took our place in line behind Sid who has been first in line at the Expo for many years now!  He runs the marathon every year with an American flag and the name of a fallen soldier on his back. What a fantastic story!

As soon as the doors opened to the expo we headed straight towards the Dopey booth to score some merchandise.  I had plans to buy everything that said Dopey or 48.6 miles on it, but found very little at the runDisney official merchandise booth.  A volunteer working the booth suggested we go to the main expo after we picked up our race packets because this merchandise booth was just a "teaser".  Those were his exact words.  We hurried to pick out race bibs and shirts and race retreat wrist bands.  I must say that I was super excited to see our race shirts this year.  After the poor fit of the shirts last year, I was looking forward to a woman's cut long sleeve shirt.  RunDisney did not disappoint, the shirts are fantastic with both a nicer material and great fit.

Race bibs!
Quickly we crossed to the main Expo at the Josten Center and found the large official runDisney booth.  Unfortunately, I was totally underwhelmed by the Dopey merchandise.  There were two jacket styles, one a red windbreaker style and the traditional Champion zip jacket in black with an uninspired Dopey logo.  Neither was of interest but I did buy the black short sleeve tech shirt and the "I Did It' shirt (which quickly was placed in the bottom of a drawer back at the hotel)!  I also got a magnet that had 48.6 on it.  My wallet/credit cards were happy that the merchandise was not great!

My loot!
I did manage to buy the Minnie shoes from New Balance shortly after I left the runDisney booth and they are adorable. While I won't run in those, they will be fun to wear for park visits in the future and at home.

Custom shoe kits for Marathon Weekend races

My favorite part of the morning other than getting my race bibs and shirts was picking up my preordered Dooney and Bourke handbag.  I had two lovely volunteers help me choose a bag that had Dopey on both sides, too cute!  After picking this up, I was so laden down with stuff that I needed to go back to my hotel.

Christine arrived at the hotel just as I was putting my things away and we had a quick lunch before returning to the expo. She got her bibs and race shirts quickly and we then toured the runDisney booth again so she could choose a few things.

Race pins
Christine's loot!
We spied one of the newest (and also most fun) features that runDisney has added to the expos - fun photo booth!

We looked at a few other vendors and then listened to the end of a talk on the Dopey Challenge that was very informative. 
Race Director, John Hughes, providing tips on Dopey Challenge
And of course no race expo experience is complete without a few photo ops!

All in all this was a fun expo experience!


  1. Have you seen Christine's picture in this article? A friend posted it on facebook and I was so excited to recognize her!


  2. So exciting and I cant wait to run in a Disney run!!!! I plan to sign up for something in late 2014 as soon as its posted! So proud of the two of you! Erica

    1. Thanks Erica! You will love the Disney events - they're very fun!

  3. Sounds like the expo wasn't so bad at the time you gals arrived! It has me excited for PHM expo. I'm really hoping for some really cool merchandise!

    1. Definitely helped that they spread out the various areas. Princess always has great merchandise!!

  4. Looks like a great Expo! Love the pictures! :0)

  5. Love all the merch! That purse is adorable!