January 19, 2014

Weekly Roundup: January 19th

I know we've been slacking in the new year on our roundup posts, but let's be honest you knew we were running marathon weekend last week and this week has mostly been a recovery week.  I got home from Disney on Monday night and promptly unpacked a few things to repack a bag for an overnight work trip on Tuesday.  To say I was exhausted when I got home on Wednesday night might be the understatement of the year.  All I could think about was plopping on the sofa and spending time with Paddy (who I picked up that evening on my way home).  I decided that my body needed a bit more rest and I'm glad I listened.

Normally I try to power through a gym session even if I'm feeling fatigued.  I ended up taking the entire week off and enjoying myself.  Remember how I used to talk about letting my butt grow roots in the sofa and eating bon bons after Dopey?  Yea, it was a little bit like that!  So I've let my body tell me when it's ready to workout again and it so happens that was yesterday.  Mom has been a lot more active on her cruise!
Paddy and I both got haircuts this week - before and after shots
Sunday, January 12th
P / C: Walt Disney World Marathon

Monday, January 13th
P / C: Stretched our legs walking around Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, January 14th
P: Rest day
C: Rest day

Wednesday, January 15th
P: Snorkeling in Bahamas
C: Rest day

Thursday, January 16th
P: Rest day
C: Rest day

Friday, January 17th
P: Hiked around San Juan
C: Rest day

Saturday, January 18th
P: Snorkeling
C: 30 min stationary bike, push ups, core work

Recapping the week of January 5th...
Sunday, January 5th
P: Stretching
C:  30 min stationary bike, stretching

Monday, January 6th
P: 30 min stationary bike, stretching
C: Rest day, stretching

Tuesday, January 7th
P: Traveled to Orlando, 3 mi easy run around the resorts
C: 3 mile easy run

Wednesday, January 8th
P: Lots of walking around the expo
C: Traveled to Orlando, lots of walking

Thursday, January 9th
P / C: Disney Family Fun Run 5k

Friday, January 10th
P / C: Inaugural Walt Disney World 10k

Saturday, January 11th
P / C: Walt Disney World Half Marathon

How do you normally recover after races?


  1. Rest days are ok, especially after all you guys ran last weekend! Glad you had a good week! :0)

  2. I try to recover slowly. Rest days then walk, then spin, then running last.

  3. Both of your haircuts look cute! You deserve a LONG rest! Do you have anything planned between now and Shamrock?

  4. Y'all did great and you earned some much needed rest. No guilt or shame in that!

  5. Great haircuts (though I love Paddy's classic hair over eyes look) You both deserved to rest after Dopey. I think it's good to listen to your body so you knew when it was time to chill and then time to get active again. Great job!

  6. Very well-deserved rest days :0) Great job! And both of y'all's haircuts look cute!